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NSRA Street Rod Nationals
Louisville, KY
August 4 - 7,  2005
Pictures By Butch Pate
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Louisville!!!! The show that really only needs one name. Forget about all those other shows.....THIS is the biggie! Where else in the world can you get this many people in one place at one time and the only reason you need a police man is to direct traffic. Nothin' but love. Love of the hobby. Love of the automobiles that we all come to see. Sure, it's hot outside, it's cold inside, gas prices have gotten ridiculous, it's crowded, etc. but we still can't wait to get there and hate like heck when it's time to leave.  Speaking of getting there, I think there's an old saying "getting there is half the fun." We tried really hard to remember that during our journey north on Thursday afternoon. Then everything came to a sudden stop 30 minutes later as we sat in the middle of that huge parking lot better known as Nashville. My car started overheating pretty bad as this point. Things cooled down when we got to the Kentucky state line right behind an afternoon shower, but my car didn't.  We made it as far as Cave City before my brothers car started acting up. Luckily we made it to an inconvenience store right across the street from a gas station with an on duty mechanic. After a couple hours of trying everything but tearing into the motor, the valve covers came off and the problem was finally found, a broken rocker arm. Just so happens the mechanic had a friend three miles down the road and thanks to our new best friend, Tom Keys at Key Automotive Machine Shop, we had the parts to get us back on the road. Eight hours later we had finally made the first part of our four hour trip. Friday we got up and since we were in no immediate hurry slowly made our way on to L'ville. Stopping and know the drill. Later that afternoon we were finally checked into our motel and not knowing it at the time, was about to make a huge mistake. I THOUGHT I could make a quick trip across the street and check in with Jack and Mary Ann. My plans got changed the second I crossed the street. I'm sure many people were asked during the course of the weekend "Where were you when the big storm hit?" Me? I was standing right in the middle of the street. Never saw it coming. Look up you big dummy! It was too late. I rode out the storm with a couple of more NEW FRIENDS in the plexi glass bus stop down on the corner. It was loud, very wet and windy. Hail hurts by the way! ...but don't ask how I'd know that. I ran off and left my cell phone up in the room and my wife is freaking out right about now. I've heard rumors of people being hurt and walls falling down. We witnessed first hand the flying canopies but I hope no one was severely injured. It wasn't the big flood of years ago but it was pretty bad just the same. The sky cleared and the show went on. There's not enough good things I can say here to express my appreciation for all the hard work that goes in to this event. Thank you to EVERYONE involved. You make it what it really is THE BIGGEST SHOW ON EARTH!


































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