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NSRA Street Rod Nationals
Louisville, KY
August 4-7, 2005
Pictures By “Cat” Art Meredith
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Louisville on Friday! You think this was bad??? It got VERY ugly! On Friday afternoon I was returning from Cincinnati driving to Louisville around 2pm. I had no idea what was going on at and around the Fairgrounds. Heavy storms had moved in (circa 1992)! HEAVY RAIN, STRONG WINDS, TENTS WERE NOW KITES, LIGHTNING! Dee Fair got his hands burned on the aluminum frame of a small shelter when lightning struck nearby his 41 Willys!  Scott Perry was watching as the wind was picking up small shelters and tossing them in the air like leaves on a tree! Cars were being pelted by sleet and strong rain. You could have surfed in some areas the water was sooooo deep! Trees and tree limbs we scattered! Cars were being hit by tents, barrels and other flying debris!  But ya know what! Hot Rodders are survivors! I heard a few talking that it was NSRA's fault... since when does the NSRA control the weather. I am certain that NSRA goes out of their way to assure that every is in a safe environment when attending their shows.  Each show is a learning experience. If they weren't the shows would have never gotten as big and as great as they are today! It's not NSRA's fault, God's fault but let's blame the local weather dudes if we are going to blame anyone! Honestly, this could have been alot worse than it was. I'm just glad that not more damage was done!  Damage??? I think that's why God created INSURANCE!  The Lord giveth... the insurance company taketh away! You will see some damage photos in my coverage but I didn't want to dwell on that. What I wanted to do this year is get lots of different cars and cars with flames! Flames are as HOT as ever! I want to thank all of you that have sent messages to HRHL telling them how much you like my coverages.     Ya know I love ya'll!    Cat


Whoever keeps saying that flames are dead or on the way out is just nuts! There were sooooooo many rods with flames of all colors and types! I LOVE FLAMES!!!


Wow! Sits right... doesn't it?!


Is there anything that gets your blood boiling more than a VERY cool VERY RED 3 Window Coupe???


Very highly detailed engine bay helps to complete the image that this beautiful Coupe just SCREAMS...


And here is the Coupe's tastefully done interior...


Another member of Cincy Street Rods, Billy Grobe, had his cool hot rod there! Billy was lucky enough to have a ZZ TOP cd close by when he spotted Billy Gibbons walking around the show. Billy got Billy to autograph the cd! Too many Billys here... it gets too confusing!




Ron Howard, a member of Cincy Street Rods, had the big Orange at the show!


Long time Cincy Street Rod Member, Bob Oney, drove his coupe to Louisville


Rick Frazier, from Mason, OH, has this WILD Spearmint Roadster...


Father Joe & Son Dale Stueben had their immaculate roadsters at the BIG show!


Cool, eh!? Check out those front brake drums...


Yet another Cincy Street Rodder had his hot rod at the show! Doby Wilson is from Milford, OH.


Boyd's woody wagon looked great outside in the Sun!




Gai Wilson's roadster was parked by Rat's Glass Trailer. Wipe up the drool before you leave!


Jus' cruz'n by...




Just how cool is this!?


Cars were cruising all day... this one was very cool...


When I left on Thursday this beautiful coupe was just that... On Friday... it was hit with debris... the paint was ruined... very sad...


Scott Perry's buddy was having all the fun!!!




This was sitting in the circle by the fountain... mmmmmmmmmmmm...


Don Zuelke's '48 Thames looked as good as always on Thursday... not so good on Friday! It had a gash on a door. Don knows how much I love his hot rod and I was pretty upset myself. But I'm sure Don will be back.


Bob's hot rod features alot of chrome and polished items under the hood. Turn the key and riiiiiiide!


Let's peek inside Bob's fantastic hot rod!




Even the trunk is nicely detailed...



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