McDade Watermelon Festival
McDade, TX
Hill Country Street Rods Trip to Thunder Hill
Austin, TX
Pictures By Richard Haas
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"Those who read the Hot Rod Hot Line Newsletter on a regular basis may remember a report I filed a couple weeks ago about the Luling Watermelon Festival. Well, you might know that Texas, big as it is, would have 2 different Watermelon Festivals. This past weekend, was the festival in McDade, Texas, and it was a dandy! Saturday started off with a parade, including some of the cars from the show, through downtown McDade. Let me tell you, it don't take long for a parade through McDade! Back at the Festival grounds, the car show grew until there were were around 80 fine rides in attendance, including cars from the Rockport Hot Rodders and the Central Texas Hot Rodders. The cars were exceptional, the food was great and the people were very nice. I'm looking forward to this one next year."

My car (Medium)

My car

A fine pair (Medium)

A fine pair

Corvair Pickup (Medium)

Corvair Pickup

Nice Woody (Medium)

Nice Woody

Overall view at McDade (Medium)

Overall view at McDade

Super Fine Fifty Seven (Medium)

Super Fine Fifty Seven

Rods at McDade (Medium)

Rods at McDade

Fine Veneer (Medium)

Fine Veneer

Beautiful Caddilac at McDade (Medium)

Beautiful Caddilac at McDade

Rat Fink Hot Rod (Medium)

Rat Fink Hot Rod

"Every year about this time the Hill Country Street Rods car club organizes a trip to the local stock car racing track, Thunder Hill. This year was no exception and those who drove their hot rods where treated to a couple of laps around the paved quarter mile oval, and an evening of exciting, fender to fender racing. " Richard "Too Low" Haas   Street Rods Forever

Hot Rods at Thunder Hill

Hot Rods at Thunder Hill

Waiting to make some laps

Waiting to make some laps

Grandstands in the pit area

Grandstands in the pit area

Thank you Richard �Too Low� Haas for the Pictures of the car shows you went to over the weekend.





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