Mauvoo Car Show
Nauvoo, AL
June 25, 2005
Don Driggers
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I recently attend a real neat show in the town of Nauvoo Alabama, population (not too many unless there is a car show in town).
When I first was ask if I was going to take that 1.5 hour trip north east of Birmingham Al I could not find Nauvoo on the map, but after looking closely I saw it there on Hwy 5 north of Jasper Al. So the Ruth and I headed out.
What a show, it was hard to believe all this was going on, in this wonderful little town. Where did all these cars come from more than 250 at last count. I spoke to Gene McDaniel promoter of the event. I ask him how many cars were registered; he replied "it don't really matter as long as everyone has fun" There were bands, arts and craft you would not believe and FOOD, we don't have time for me to tell you all about that. I can say there are hardly any words exactly describing how good! Believe me I know food. The pictures are from the only Hotel in town, which by the way belongs to Gene. The streets you see are the actual streets of the town; there are no traffic lights only stop signs. After we were there for less than an hour one though that you were from this small southern town. Everyone seem to know each other and if you didn't it did not take very long before you did, everyone there showed that good ole southern hospitality.
Don Driggers







So if you are in Alabama the third weekend in June plan on attending you will not be disappointed.





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