18th Annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show
Orlando, FL
December 1-3, 2005
Pics by Al Liebmann
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Here�s some pics from the 18th Annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show at the all new Orange County Convention Center with 1,000,000 SF of space..( 5 miles of Carpet to walk...) ...Over 40,000 racing entrepreneurs from 40 countries were in attendance, for another record-breaking year. The growth of the PRI Trade Show is a testament to auto racing�s robust health and prosperity worldwide, said Steve Lewis, show producer and publisher of Performance Racing Industry magazine. This trade show provides the perfect opportunity for racing entrepreneurs to learn about new product lines available, and the new products racers will want to put on their race cars next season. And, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new suppliers! More than 1,300 manufacturers of hardcore racing products exhibit in the show in 3,100 booths. It is the worlds largest auto racing trade show. The PRI show has made a new home until 2009.. before going back to Indy..... Hope you�ll NJoy!!! Big Al!!!

PRI-2006 043


PRI-2006 041


PRI-2006 045


PRI-2006 042


PRI-2006 044


PRI-2006 063


PRI-2006 046


PRI-2006 062


PRI-2006 073


PRI-2006 074


PRI-2006 076


PRI-2006 075


PRI-2006 040

PRI-2006 026

PRI-2006 022


PRI-2006 001

PRI-2006 145

PRI-2006 140


PRI-2006 138

PRI-2006 139

PRI-2006 035


PRI-2006 036


PRI-2006 037


PRI-2006 030


PRI-2006 031


PRI-2006 039


PRI-2006 020


PRI-2006 021


PRI-2006 001

PRI-2006 005





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