Street Rods Forever Open House
Austin, Texas
May, 2005
Pictures From Richard Haas


Well, wouldn�t you know it.  The morning of Street Rods Forever�s big 1ST Anniversary Open House started with thunder and lightening!!  This followed a whole week of glorious, if maybe a little warm, Texas sunshine. A little rain, of course, brings out the �man, I spend too much time cleaning my Hot Rod as it is� attitude, so we were expecting a bunch of calls canceling.
Jim and I did a lot of pacing back and forth, nervously checking out the sky for a sign of a let up.  Both of us were ready to dive into the beer supply and just get smashed!  And then, around 11:30 or so, the rain stopped, the sky turned blue and the rumble of hot rod engines could be heard in the distance.

Wide shot out front (Small)a
Close up out front (Small)a

 And then, here they came... Camaros, Mustangs, Coupes, Roadsters, the whole spectrum of the Hot Rod world, one after another. Man, it was music to the ears!! 
All together, there were somewhere around 150-200 people came by. It was a steady stream of folks coming and going, checking out the cars and having a good time.

Out front 3 (Small)a
Inside before opening 3 (Small)a

 We had some good food, door prizes (Stan Webb won the first door prize-a die cast Merc), some folks shopping with Dave McConnell, who was set up with his Automobile Memorabilia, and everyone checking out all the cars.    This would have been just another �o-hum� kind of a gathering without the efforts of Donut Gang member Larry Johnson and his wife, Amber.  Larry went the extra mile all week long helping us prepare for this event, not only with his efforts, but with his hired help. And Amber managed to beautify the area with new trees and flowers.   Jim and I both are very grateful to them, and have learned new respect for Larry and his sometimes �off the wall� ways.   All in all, it was a great success.   Now we just can�t wait for next year�s Anniversary!!

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