Syracuse Nationals
Right Coast Association
July 15-17, 2005
Pictures by  Jack Lawford

Check out this beautiful car…. Wow ! 

This is an outstanding  '37….  Jack and Mary Ann had a '37 Ford once…  sold it for  $300….  YIKES ! 

The crew from Grundy Insurance was at the show in force… signing up new customers like crazy once they saw those great Grundy rates !

Danny from Kwiklift had his fine lifts on display… this lift is economical and a great way to make working on your car so much easier…. Check them out at

Look at the crowds at Mac's ….  The huge selection of  Ford parts is amazing at Mac's  … you can get all that you need for any Ford … including Street Rod parts… and the folks at Mac's are the nicest people to deal with too…. Jack has gotten lots of parts from Mac's… Check  it now

The great thing about Newstalgia Wheels is that it is a  "one stop" shopping website… they have virtually  any kind of wheel you would want and they offer Free Shipping on  Internet Orders of 4 Aluminum Wheels too…..   Take a look.

Ron Francis Wiring had many of their wiring kits on display at the show along with their expert tech guy to help people with their questions… you can always count on excellent  tech help from Ron Francis Wiring… along with their great product !

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