20th Westlake Village
Car Show
Westlake Village, CA
October 2, 2005
By: Bob DeCarlo
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Hi all...... Here are some pictures of the 20th Westlake Village car show that was held on October 2nd. Lots-O-Cars and Lots-O-food. Lucky for us the fires that were in the area the week before have died down and the skies were clean and clear. This show always brings in some really sweet cars and trucks. Don't know how many there were but the lot was almost full. I ran into Mike Levy, he too was snapping some shots. Well I must get back to work to make some money so I can support my cars. Have a good one "YAWL".                      "THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT'.

Westlake 10_2_20050001

Westlake 10_2_20050002

Westlake 10_2_20050003

Westlake 10_2_20050004

Westlake 10_2_20050005

Westlake 10_2_20050006

Westlake 10_2_20050007

Westlake 10_2_20050008

Westlake 10_2_20050009

Westlake 10_2_20050010

Westlake 10_2_20050011

Westlake 10_2_20050012

Westlake 10_2_20050013

Westlake 10_2_20050014

Westlake 10_2_20050015

Westlake 10_2_20050016

Westlake 10_2_20050017

Westlake 10_2_20050018

Westlake 10_2_20050019

Westlake 10_2_20050020

Westlake 10_2_20050021

Westlake 10_2_20050022

Westlake 10_2_20050023

Westlake 10_2_20050024

Westlake 10_2_20050025

Westlake 10_2_20050026

Westlake 10_2_20050028

Westlake 10_2_20050027

Westlake 10_2_20050029

Westlake 10_2_20050097





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