34th Annual Boise Roadster Show
Boise, Id
March 9-12, 2006
Pictures By Jack Lawford
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This year, we opened our show season with a booth at the Boise Roadster Show with our friends the New Family, who own Firebird Raceway here in Idaho and have put on the Boise Roadster show for 34 years. They are great people and it's a pleasure to join them each year at this show. has a brand new booth for the upcoming show season and we were very honored to win an award at the show for our Booth.

Jack didn't take many pictures this year because our Office Manager, Anita's, daughter volunteered to cover the show for us..... be sure to check out the pictures from Victoria Deseron... she did a great job !




United Street Rods of Idaho does a great job keeping track of legislative issues that concern rodding hobbyists. This year the main concern was a bill to mandate Ethanol gasoline in Idaho but USRI was among those successful in defeating the bill. We thank them for their efforts !

Kennys Rod Shop is relatively new on the scene here in Boise, having moved from California a year or so ago where they had a very successful business for many years. They're a great bunch of guys and Boise seems to have treated them well as they are doing really well and had several really nice cars on display. We'll have to try to get out to their shop for a tour one of these days.


"Big Jack" Armstrong is a local radio celebrity here who also puts on a big Car Show in July. The Northwest Motorfest promises to become a staple event for car enthusiasts in the Northwest as it continues to grow..





















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