34th Annual Boise Roadster Show
Boise, ID
March 9-12, 2006
Pictures By Victoria Deseron
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 For those that didn’t make it to the 2006 Boise Roadster Show, welcome. Show goers this year were Oohing and Ahhing over the entries that were placed this year. Even Spiderman was there!
 Aside from the few custom Choppers and the scattering of new car models that always make an appearance, the Boise Roadster Show of 2006 definitely paid tribute to the old styles; some of the remodels and rebuilds definitely could leave onlookers dizzy with car-envy. Hotrods and Trucks packed into the same old building at the fairgrounds gave the place a life it doesn’t usually have, that‘s for sure. There was a perfect mix of favorites that reappeared from last year and new showings that made the entire thing a celebration for the eye of all Rod-lovers.
 Of course, with all there was to look at, I’m sure new favorites were found by regular haunts of the show, even as old favorites were re-appreciated. One of the big hits this year seemed to be the monster bike, “Dream Big”, owned by Gregory Dunham. It was said to be the biggest ‘drivable bike’; the seat was located inside the beast, instead of the rider riding on top, as is customary with bikes. Over all, the Roadster Show did rather well. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the cars for yourself!

Bob & Becky Cunningham1

1957 Chevy Nomad owned by Bob & Becky Cunningham from Nampa, Id

Bob & Becky Cunningham2


Bob & Becky Cunningham3


Bob & Becky Cunningham4


Brian Cox1

1978 Kawasaki KZ1000 owned by Brian Cox

Brian Cox2


Brian Cox3


Brian McGaha1

1994 Toyota Supra owned by Brian McGaha of Boise, ID

Brian McGaha2


Chet La Casse 2003 Yamaha Worrior1

Chet La Casse’s 2003 Yamaha Worrior. Painter and Pipes by Chet La Casse. Upholstery was done by Hot Rod Heaven. Powder Coating Pirate Powder Coating.

Chet La Casse 2003 Yamaha Worrior2


Chet La Casse 2003 Yamaha Worrior3


Chet La Casse 2003 Yamaha Worrior4


Dan Conley1

Dan Conley’s 1940 Buick Special with 350 Chevy Motor
Rare Touring Sedan

Dan Conley2


Dan Conley3


Dave Duncan1

1923 Ford T-Bucket with Engine - 289 Cubic Inch. Owned By Dave Duncan of Boise, ID

Dave Duncan2


Dave Duncan3


Dave Duncan4


Dave Duncan5


Dave Duncan6


Dave Duncan7


Dave Duncan8


Dave Spear1

1952 Chevy Fastback, Angle Eyes, owned by Dave Spear of Beavercreek, OR

Dave Spear2


Dave Spear3


Dave Spear4






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