34th Annual Boise Roadster Show
Boise, ID
March 9-12, 2006
Pictures By Victoria Deseron
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Dave Tweedy1

1970 Dodge Challenger with 340 C.I. Engine owned by Dave Tweedy of Eagle, ID

Dave Tweedy2


Dave Tweedy3


Dennis Roseno1

1931 Ford with 468 Chevy Engine owned by Dennis Roseno of Boise, ID

Dennis Roseno5

Dennis Roseno2


Dennis Roseno3


Dick Tompkins1

1933 Ford Roadster with 350 LT1 Corvette Engine owned by  Dick Tompkins of Boise, ID

Dick Tompkins2


Dick Tompkins3


Dick Tompkins4


Don Almeido1

1971 Cuda owned by Don Almeido of Eagle, ID

Don Almeido2


Don Almeido3


Don Almeido4


Doug Beattie1

1933 Ford Coupe with 360 Chrysler Hemi engine owned by Doug Beattie of Vancouver, WA

Doug Beattie2


Doug Beattie3


Doug Beattie4


Doug Beattie5


Doug Bowles1

1932 Ford Roadster with 350 Chevy 224 engine
owned by Doug Bowles of Star, ID

Doug Bowles2


Doug Bowles3


Doug Bowles4


Dwane Williams1

1972 Buick with 455 Buick Engine owned by Dwane Williams of Millarville, Alberta, Canada

Dwane Williams2


Dwane Williams3


Dwane Williams4






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