17th Annual California Mille Tour
Northern and Central California
May 1-4, 2006
Pictures from Dr. Mark R. Van Buskirk

 I thought you might like some photos of the '32 from the California Mille tour organized by Martin Swig, it covered nearly 1000 miles through Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur. It began with a display of 68 special interest and sports cars at the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco. Don Prieto and I received an award for representing the rebel hot rodders. On day two we bolted on the lakes pipes. You'll enjoy the mpg file, turn up the volume! 
 Dr. Mark R. Van Buskirk

California Mille 2006 B 012


California Mille 2006 B 037


California Mille 2006 B 046


California Mille 2006 B 049

Mark Van Buskirk

California Mille 2006 B 064


California Mille 2006 B 075


California Mille 2006 B 080

Mark’s 32 (One of the75 most significant Deuces(Khougaz Roadster) as part of the 75th Anniversary of the Ford Deuce ! )

California Mille 2006 B 088


California Mille 2006 B 108


California Mille 2006 B 124


 Mark sent a little Video of the tour. Turn up the volume and listen to the sounds. click here to see video

The last two photos show what the 32 looked like in 1995 when I bought it from Jim Khougaz. Notable hot rodders Steve Moal and Eric Zausner were piloting the Ferrari Superamerica.
best, Mark

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Thank you Mark for the pictures.





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