Early Irons Car Show
Port Gamble, WA
September 3, 2006
Pictures from Andrew Lindsay
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The Early Irons Car Show is a Classic, Street Rod, and Antique Car Show to benefit the North Kitsap Boys and Girls Club. This is the 10th year that this event has been held in Historic Port Gamble, Washington. There was plenty of food, fun and games, door prizes, silent auction, and raffle drawings. 250 cars entered this years show.

Early Irons-2006_001

Early Irons-2006_002

Early Irons-2006_003

Early Irons-2006_004

Early Irons-2006_005

Early Irons-2006_006

Early Irons-2006_007

Early Irons-2006_008

Early Irons-2006_009

Early Irons-2006_010

Early Irons-2006_011

Early Irons-2006_012

Early Irons-2006_013

Early Irons-2006_014

Early Irons-2006_015

Early Irons-2006_016

Early Irons-2006_017

Early Irons-2006_018

Early Irons-2006_019

Early Irons-2006_020

Early Irons-2006_021

Early Irons-2006_022

Early Irons-2006_023

Early Irons-2006_024

Early Irons-2006_025

Early Irons-2006_026

Early Irons-2006_027

Early Irons-2006_028

Early Irons-2006_029

Early Irons-2006_030





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