Leprechan Daze Show Show and Shine, 2006
Fairhaven, WA
March 26, 2006
Pictures By Brian Curtis
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Hank schmitten 57 Pontiac

Hank Schmitten 57 Pontiac

grayham paige

Grayham Paige

jerry and judy toon 41 ford rear

Jerry and Judy Toon 41 ford rear

jim brandes 33 plymouth sedan

Jim Brandes 33 plymouth sedan

Jim Wilson 39 Plymouth convert

Jim Wilson 39 Plymouth convert

Jodi and larrys rods

Jodi and Larrys rods

John grsel 58 corvette

John Grsel 58 corvette

Mike Rawles 40 chev

Mike Rawles 40 chev

Molly and forrie mcintosh 36 chev coupe

Molly and Forrie Mcintosh 36 chev coupe

Ole anderson 30 ford roadster

Ole Anderson 30 ford roadster

Ron lovell 49 ford convert 2

Ron Lovell 49 ford convert 2

Tommy Carlson 51 ford sedan

Tommy Carlson 51 ford sedan

Wayne and wendy soderquist 28 studebaker dictator

Wayne and wendy soderquist 28 studebaker dictator

jim einck 34 ford coupe front

Jim Einck 34 ford coupe front

john richie 54 corvette

John Richie 54 corvette

john van vliet 33 dodge

John Van Vliet 33 dodge

les gitts 55 corvette

Les Gitts 55 corvette

lynn widtfeldt 69 camaro

Lynn Widtfeldt 69 camaro

minges two cars

Minges two cars

noel brown 48 austin

Noel Brown 48 austin

phil amarando 67 malibu

Phil Amarando 67 malibu

ralph standre 57 olds ht

Ralph Standre 57 olds ht

steve lewis 33 dodge pickup

Steve Lewis 33 dodge pickup

steve mcivor 55 chevy

Steve Mcivor 55 chevy

tim widtfeldt 69 dart

Tim Widtfeldt 69 dart

Thank you Brian for the pictures.




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