"Saturday Cruisin" at The Great Notch Inn
Little Falls, NJ
December 9, 2006
Photographer: Al Liebmann
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Big Al2

Hi All... Here’s some pics of the Saturday Cruisin at the Great Notch Inn. Today was a little chilly in the 30's but still had a great turnout of cars. This local cruise held from Mid -Summer until ??? always gets a great group each Saturday. This runs until the first Sat ..Snowfall... Show up first when it snows and get $100 bucks ! The local gathering is hosted by Steve & Jody ... . Hope you all NJoy the pics!!! “Big Al”!!!

GN6 001A

GN6 001B

GN6 001C

GN6 002

GN6 002B

GN6 003

GN6 006

GN6 007

GN6 008

GN6 009A

GN6 010

GN6 010A

GN6 010B

GN6 011

GN6 11A

GN6 11B

GN6 011C

GN6 013

GN6 014

GN6 015

GN6 016

GN6 017

GN6 018

GN6 019

GN6 020

GN6 021

GN6 022

GN6 023

GN6 025

GN6 025A





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