24th Annual Lead East
World’s Biggest ‘50’s Party
Parsippany, NJ
September 1, 2006
Pics by Al Liebmann
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Here’s pics from the 24th Annual ‘LEAD EAST’ ... Over 1500 Classic, Customs, Rat Rods and Street Rods filled the Parsippany Hilton... Labor Day Weekend along with adjacent parking lots for a “Back in Time” weekend.. This nostalgic weekend was a bit Kool & Rainy but still in all everyone had a great time ...It’s a GIANT ‘50’s PARTY....If you love the music, cars, hair, clothes and dancing of the ‘50’s this is the place to be. Everything from a Drive-In Movie featuring 'TALES OF THE RAT FINK" to Doo Wop groups singing 5 part harmony in the hotel ballroom in the afternoon and oldies concerts at night featuring name groups with hit records from the ‘50’s and the ‘60’s. Take a journey back to a time of greased hair, big cars with tail fins, the jitterbug and twist, vintage rock ‘n roll and experience the good old days again. Lead East attracts cars from TX, WI, IL, FL and MI because it offers activities and non-stop entertainment unlike any other "car show" or oldies concert. For more info visit www.leadeast.net …..I hope you NJoy ........ Big Al!!!

LE06 001C

LE06 002

LE06 002A

LE06 003

LE06 004

LE06 005

LE06 005A

LE06 005B

LE06 006

LE06 007

LE06 007A

LE06 008

LE06 009

LE06 01

LE06 010

LE06 011

LE06 012

LE06 013

LE06 014

LE06 015

LE06 016

LE06 017

LE06 018

LE06 019

LE06 01A

LE06 01B

LE06 01C

LE06 01F

LE06 01G

LE06 01R

LE06 020

LE06 021

LE06 022

LE06 023

LE06 024

LE06 025

LE06 025A

LE06 025B

LE06 026

LE06 027




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