38th Annual Long Island
Custom Car & Bike Show
Brentwood LI, NY
November 25, 2006
Pics by Al Liebmann
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Big Al2

Here’s some pics of Universal’s Long Island 36th Annual Custom Car & Bike Show held at new Suffolk County Community College Sports & Exhibition Complex. This show is held over the Thanksgiving weekend each year and always shows some of the Best Muscle Cars, ProMods,Trucks and Rods.. East of NYC . This year feature was Rob Ida's "1948 Tucker Torpedo".... I hope you NJoy the show!!! ......... Big Al!!!

LI06 0000

LI06 0000A

LI06 0000B

LI06 0000C

LI06 0000D

LI06 0000E

LI06 0000F

LI06 001

LI06 001A

LI06 001B

LI06 001C

LI06 001D

LI06 001E

LI06 001F

LI06 019

LI06 020

LI06 023

LI06 025

LI06 029

LI06 030

LI06 030A

LI06 30B

LI06 030C

LI06 030D

LI06 030E

LI06 031

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LI06 033

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