East Coast Timing Assoc. Speed Trials
Maxton, NC “Monster Mile”
Bonneville Tune-up Meet
June 24-25, 2006
Pictures and story from AB Shuman
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Maxton 606 (62)

Firebird in profile, shows why GM F-bodies are popular with Bonneville crowd. Big airbox on hood harvests oxygen from the windshield area.

Maxton 606 (63)

Jaguar E Type, set up for SCCA racing could have used more motor, but ran well.

Maxton 606 (63a)


Maxton 606 (63c)


Maxton 606 (64)


Maxton 606 (65)


Maxton 606 (66)


Maxton 606 (68)


Maxton 606 (69)

About to enter the top end timing trap.

Maxton 606 (70)

In the trap

Maxton 606 (71)

About to break finish-line timing beam. Unlike drag racing, where timing trap straddles the finish line,landspeed racing traps end at the finish line (note broad white line to right of timing lights).

Maxton 606 (78)

Jesel’s Dodge got a rejetting of the twin Dominatorcarbs before cranking out the 223­mph run. Jesel (over scoop) and brother Dan make “hard parts” for racers, particularly for valve trains. Wilson intake manifold was machined out of a solid block of aluminum. Jesel says it improves on previous designs with welded-on intake runners.

Maxton 606  (86b)


Maxton 606 (79)


Maxton 606 (81)


Maxton 606 (82)


Maxton 606 (83)


Maxton 606 (86)


Maxton 606 (90)

Leaning into it, just before entering the timing trap.

Maxton 606 (91)

“Rustang” may not look great, but runs strong. Will be at Bonneville, matching bodywork with the best.

Maxton 606 (93)

­ Maxton is the “elephants’ burial ground” for many old planes, but this one is different. Supposedly the first 747 to go into commercial airlines service, it had a cockpit-ectomy, and the entire nose section is being prepped to go permanent display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Other scenic diversions at Maxton are occasional parachuting shows by the Army’s “Golden Knights” parachute team.

Maxton 606 (94)

Nobody runs until the fire truck and rescue/ambulance team is in place.

That’s all for now, A.B.

Thank you AB for the pictures. They are great!!





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