NSRA Appreciation Day
Jonesboro, Arkansas
April 22, 2006
Pictures from Steven Hansen
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The North East Arkansas Street Rod Association (NEASRA) is a small, NSRA affiliated club home based in Jonesboro. They meet the first Monday of the month. On April 3rd Kay Skaggs, the area NSRA rep asked the club to help stage a "First Annual NSRA Appreciation Day" in Jonesboro. In addition to logistic support she also needed a place to hold the event and, by the way, she wanted to do it on Saturday, the 22nd of April, less than three weeks away. Would the club do it. Could the club do it? Of course. Roger Cope, the owner of Roger's Rod and Custom, volunteered his shop and club members agreed to pitch in with door prizes and whatever help was needed. Friday, Kay and club members assembled at Roger's to hang banners, set up tables and ready the charcoal grill. The only question was "Would anyone show up?" Not to worry, Kay and club members had contacted fellow car enthusiasts from around the North Eastern part of the state. And they did come. From Blytheville, Hardy, Mountain View, Little Rock, Paragould, and points in between. All told 25 NSRA members signed in as did an additional 10 "prospects". And there were other cars and interested spectators that did not sign in. Almost 200 hot dogs were served. For such short notice, the event was certainly a success. The NEASRA has agreed to sponsor the event on an annual basis. With some real time to plan and publicize next years Appreciation Day should be a real knockout.


Chuck Williamson


-Kenny Freeman


 Don Moye


Ron Johnson


 Larry Morgan


 Bonnie Morgan


 Doc Shannon


 Doc Shannon


 Billy Taylor


 Don Clayton














Thank you Steven for the pictures.





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