Shades of the Past 
Pigeon Forge, TN
September 6-7, 2006
Pictures from Tommy Lee Byrd

 Tommy Lee Byrd from Dayton, TN just got back from the Shades of the Past in Pigeon Forge, TN. One of the best turnouts I've ever seen. Lots of "rat rods" and traditional hot rods. The Top 25 was absolutely amazing. I'm a painter and bodyman by trade and some of that stuff I just can't comprehend, haha. Hope you like 'em.

my pix 800

my pix 801

my pix 802

my pix 803

my pix 804

my pix 805

my pix 806

my pix 807

my pix 808

my pix 809

my pix 810

my pix 811

my pix 812

my pix 813

my pix 814

my pix 815

my pix 816

my pix 817

my pix 818

my pix 819

my pix 820

my pix 821

my pix 822

my pix 823

my pix 824

my pix 825

my pix 826

my pix 827

my pix 828

Thank you Tommy for the pictures.





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