17th Annual Stockbridge
Main Street at Christmas
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

December 1- 3, 2006
Photographer: Rick Miller
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Rick Miller

The town of Stockbridge, made famous by Norman Rockwell's painting of the village during the holidays, becomes a magical New England setting decorated with holiday wreaths and festive lights, as the town celebrates the 17th Annual Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas, December 1st through the 3rd. Sponsored by the Stockbridge Chamber of Commerce, the holiday celebration offers a full range of activities, with highlights including a holiday reading at the Berkshire Theater Festival, house tours, caroling, and a holiday concert. Capping off the weekend is a re-creation on Sunday of the scene depicted in Main Street at Christmas, complete with vintage automobiles parked in the spots occupied in the painting. The day's activities include horse drawn rides, a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus, Roger the Jester, lunch at the Christmas Food Booth and much more. The festivities celebrate Rockwell's popular depiction of what for many is the quintessential small New England Town, with all the longing for a simpler time that it represents. Rockwell began painting the popular image in 1956, but did not complete it until December 1967.

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