Weekend Wanderers
Schaghticoke, NY
 July 2006
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Photographer: Rick Miller

Rick Miller

These pictures are of a show put on by the Weekend Wanderers in Schaghticoke, NY on July with music by Andy Narzynski with over 240 cars.

Schaghticoke, NY-001

Schaghticoke, NY-002

Schaghticoke, NY-003

Schaghticoke, NY-004

Schaghticoke, NY-005

Schaghticoke, NY-006

Schaghticoke, NY-007

Schaghticoke, NY-008

Schaghticoke, NY-009

Schaghticoke, NY-010

Schaghticoke, NY-011

Schaghticoke, NY-012

Schaghticoke, NY-013

Schaghticoke, NY-014

Schaghticoke, NY-015

Schaghticoke, NY-016

Schaghticoke, NY-017

Schaghticoke, NY-018

Schaghticoke, NY-019

Schaghticoke, NY-020

Schaghticoke, NY-021

Schaghticoke, NY-022

Schaghticoke, NY-023

Schaghticoke, NY-024

Schaghticoke, NY-025

Schaghticoke, NY-026

Schaghticoke, NY-027

Schaghticoke, NY-028

Schaghticoke, NY-029

Schaghticoke, NY-030





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