27th Annual Wavecrest Woodie Meet Moonlight Beach
Encinitas Ca.
September 14-17, 2006
Pictures from Brent Stackhouse

These are pictures of Wavecrest National Woodie Club "Grand Daddy of all Woodie shows. Hosted by San Diego Woodie Chapter, Sept 14 through the 17th In Encinitas Ca. Over 300 Woodies attended. Thursday the 14th, Rods and Woodies on Pacific Coast Highway 101. Friday, Legendary surf contest at "Old Mans Beach" San Onofre. Saturday, "The Grand Daddy" of all woodie gatherings... woodies came from as far away as Vancouver, & Florida, and all other points and yes a very high percentage are driven. Maybe 10 trailers for 250 woodies...ya gotta drive em!!! and we did on Sunday the 17th. Imagine all the woodies cruising Pacific Coast Highway, Encinitas to Oceanside and back, then the surfboard and surf memorabilia auction...Dont Miss next years meet...you will be welcomed with open arms!! In the woodie club we have a saying "its all about the people, the woodies are just the glue that brings us together". Another, "its not a car its a lifestyle/attitude". Unoffically we have more women participants than all other clubs. Enjoy the ride from Brent and Jan Stackhouse .

wavecrest2006 002

wavecrest2006 004

wavecrest2006 013

wavecrest2006 020

wavecrest2006 0201

wavecrest2006 026

wavecrest2006 047

wavecrest2006 048

wavecrest2006 059

wavecrest2006 062

wavecrest2006 064

wavecrest2006 068

wavecrest2006 073

wavecrest2006 079

wavecrest2006 088

wavecrest2006 103

wavecrest2006 104

wavecrest2006 110

wavecrest2006 112

wavecrest2006 117

wavecrest2006 127

wavecrest2006 134

wavecrest2006 147

wavecrest2006 155

wavecrest2006 156

wavecrest2006 157

wavecrest2006 158

wavecrest2006 168

wavecrest2006 169

wavecrest2006 172

wavecrest2006 178

wavecrest2006 186

wavecrest2006 188

wavecrest2006 231

wavecrest2006 232

wavecrest2006 241

wavecrest2006 242

wavecrest2006 243

wavecrest2006 245

wavecrest2006 247

wavecrest2006 248

wavecrest2006 249

wavecrest2006 255

wavecrest2006 271





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