Town Fair Tire
33rd Annual “World of Wheels”
Boston, MA
Jan 5-7 2007
Pics by Al Liebmann
10 Pages

Big Al2

Hi Gang! What a way to start of 2007 !!! ... Weather was close to 70 !! for January in Boston ... Outrageous Crowd of Cars and Trucks over 300 at the ...Town Fair Tire “World of Wheels” Show held at the Bayside Expo Center. Features included some ISCA AWARD WINNING cars ... "Swish Air" 1957 Chevy & "Toxic" 1969 Camaro.... So let’s get on with the viewing!!! Enjoy........ “Big Al”!!!

BOS 01

BOS 01a

BOS 01b

BOS 01c

BOS 01d

BOS 01e

BOS 01f

BOS 05a

BOS 05b

BOS 05c

BOS 05d

BOS 05e

BOS 05f

BOS 05g

BOS 06

BOS 6a

BOS 6aa

BOS 6b

BOS 6d

BOS 08a

BOS 08b

BOS 10a

BOS 10b

BOS 10c

BOS 10e

BOS 10ee

BOS 10f

BOS 11a

BOS 11aa

BOS 11c

BOS 11f

BOS 13c

BOS 13cc

BOS 13d

BOS 15

BOS 15a (1)

BOS 15a (2)

BOS 15a (3)




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