58th Annual Grand National Roadster Show
Jan 26-28 2006
LA County Fairgrounds
Pomona, CA
Pictures from Carol Carol Erickson
Extreme Kustoms

100_0700 (Medium)

Carol and George Barris

Here are some pictures that Carol Erickson, of Extreme Kustoms, took of the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. We have had some great coverage of this show and we would again like to thank everyone that took pictures for us.

100_0698 (Medium)

Carol, George Barris and Carol’s daughter Gina, the new office manager

100_0699 (Medium)


100_0700 (Medium)


100_0702 (Medium)


100_0705 (Medium)


100_0707 (Medium)


100_0709 (Medium)

Extreme Kustom car and Gina

100_0711 (Medium)


DSCF0117 (Medium)


DSCF0170 (Medium)


DSCF0173 (Medium)


DSCF0175 (Medium)


DSCF0179 (Medium)


DSCF0180 (Medium)


DSCF0181 (Medium)


DSCF0182 (Medium)

Worlds most beautiful Roadster winner

DSCF0185 (Medium)


DSCF0186 (Medium)


DSCF0187 (Medium)


DSCF0189 (Medium)


DSCF0190 (Medium)


DSCF0192 (Medium)


DSCF0193 (Medium)


DSCF0194 (Medium)


DSCF0195 (Medium)


DSCF0199 (Medium)


DSCF0208 (Medium)


DSCF0212 (Medium)


DSCF0213 (Medium)


DSCF0222 (Medium)


DSCF0223 (Medium)

Extreme Kustom Truck

DSCF0224 (Medium)


Thank you Carol for the pictures.





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