58th Annual Grand National Roadster Show
Jan 26-28 2006
LA County Fairgrounds
Pomona, CA
Pictures from Dave Norton
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Norton Shrike

DSC00989 (Medium)

Here are photos from the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona CA, JAN 26-28, 2007. I'm Dave Norton from Temecula CA: My ride is the Norton Shrike, winner of the Radical 3-Wheel Bike class.

DSC00913 (Medium)

DSC00915 (Medium)

DSC00919 (Medium)

DSC00922 (Medium)

DSC00928 (Medium)

DSC00929 (Medium)

DSC00987 (Medium)

DSC00989 (Medium)

DSC00992 (Medium)

DSC00995 (Medium)

DSC01005 (Medium)

DSC01000 (Medium)

DSC01001 (Medium)

DSC01006 (Medium)

DSC01088 (Medium)

DSC01089 (Medium)

DSC01086 (Medium)

A note about these shots: this isn't a vehicle at all, but a wooden sculpture by Michael Cooper, a sculptor from Sebastopol CA. It is all done is different varieties of wood in their natural colors. It is just so incredible I found it the most fascinating "car" at the show:

DSC01014 (Medium)

DSC01015 (Medium)

DSC01018 (Medium)

DSC01019 (Medium)

DSC01024 (Medium)

DSC01025 (Medium)

DSC01022 (Medium)

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