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Hot Rod HotLine teams up with the Great American Race .........

   The GREAT AMERICAN RACE is one of our industries most exciting events and HotRodHotLine.com is so honored to be one of the sponsors this year along with Interstate Batteries, Ford Motor Co., Coker Tire, Qualcomm and Honest Charleys.   

  The Great American Race is an event unlike any other in our industry..... The first Great American Race took place in 1908 and ran for several years .... then after a long lapse in time, it was revived again 25 years ago and has been going strong since.   This is a world class competition requiring skill and endurance on both the part of the driver and navigators.  The idea is to follow the course within specific time lines on a two week route across the country.  The Competition Staff assigns exact speeds to each days instructions and “perfect times” are calculated using a computer. The entrant that comes closest to that perfect time each day wins that days prize money and at the end of the race the closest one wins the big “pot” which nears $100,000. This is SERIOUS competition as well as great fun. In years past, the event was limited to UNMODIFIED vehicles but in recent years the race has opened up first to slightly modified and now to more modified vehicles which means that more cars can enter than in the past.  This is why the people at Great American Race wanted to team up with Hotrodhotline.com .... to let our visitors know that they could now enter their cars for this great event and for the chance to win BIG PRIZE MONEY. 

HotRodHotLine.com was a title Sponsor for the 2nd week of the Great American Race going from Irving, TX to Anaheim, California.  Jack and Mary Ann caught up with the Race in Abilene Texas with their 34 Ford 3-Window Coupe.

Unloading the ‘34 in the pit area at Abilene

34 unloading from trailer
race crew applying decals 2

The Great American Race Staff is on hand to put all of the race sponsors decals on each car. Here’s Jacks ‘34 getting the full treatment from the Great Race Staff.

race crew applying decals  5

   Once the decals are on, the chief course designer John Classen has to do a technical inspection.

racer tech inspector
staging area truck and trailer

  Small “editorial” comment here.... this is the first time Jack has pulled anything with his new Ford F250 Super Duty Harley truck .... and he was AMAZED ....  He had to keep looking back to see if the trailer was still there ...   To be honest.... Jack has never owned a Ford truck before but he felt that Ford Motor Company is doing a lot right now to promote our hobby and we feel that our American automakers need our support right now so he decided this year when he needed a new truck to give this Ford Harley truck a try ..... Now he wishes he had made this move earlier ... this is without a doubt the nicest truck Jack has ever owned and it has power to spare.... we can’t say enough about this truck.... Jack gives it a definite two thumbs up !

Defending champs

  The team to beat this year are 2006 Champs Dave Reeder and his grandson Sawyer Stone. Last year the veteran team took the Grand Prize. At 13 years of age, Sawyer was the youngest winner in the history of the race.  At the Abilene checkpoint this “Stone Age Racing Team” was in the lead !

finish line car 37

  In each town the cars come across a finish line built by the local people at the event. This finish was at the Mall of Abilene.

race4r number 80
racer 80 2

“DJ Racing” driver Dick Fieler finished the day in his 1931 Ford Model A Speedster after 12 grueling hours on the road.... he had a GREAT TIME !

abilene ending 1

   The Racers all have a chance to get together at the finish line for a group celebration and to swap stories about the days trials and tribulations.


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