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auerbach Grayon car

  The Auerback Grayson & Co. team from New York City, drove this 32 Ford Coupe. Driver was Jon Auerback and Navigator Jake Auerbach ... both are two year veterans of the Great American Race.

auerbach Grayon car.j2pg
beerster buick speedstar

 The “Beerster Boys” Milt Thomas and Mike Larkin came from California with this 1936 Buick “Beerster” Speedstar.  Hotrodhotline has seen this awesome car before ..... it was at Blackies show last year. Milt and Mike are Rookies this year and they were having a great time !

beerster buick 2
beerster 3
racer  88  coker tire

  Corky Coker, owner of Coker Tire, is a veteran of the Great American Race. This year Corky and wife Theresa drove their 1937 Buick Shafer 8. Great Car !

coker tire car 2

Coker Racing entry number 2 was driven by Greg Cunningham and Navigator was Cameron Coker in this 1928 Ford Model A Speedster.

dick burdick and jack

Jack was really pleased to meet Dick Burdick of the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History is a TWENTY FIVE YEAR VETERAN of the Great American Race. Dick is just one of some of the really great guys we met at Abilene. Dick was running this 1916 Husdson Speedster with Navigator Wayne Bell who is also a 25 year veteran. 

dick burdick 1916hudson

What a fantastic looking car this 1916 Hudson Speedster is ..... 

dick burdick car2
dick burdick tinkering

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