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A “Hot” Prolong Twilight Cruise
at Auto Club Wally Parks NHRA Mororsports Museum
Pomona, CA
Aug 29, ‘07
Story and Photographs by Roger Rohrdanz


As usual, this time of year Southern California has a hot spell that reaches 100+ degrees. The day was hot and sunny, but that didn’t stop hundreds of eager car cruisers and hot rodders from bringing their cars to show off. They began arriving before noon and stayed until nearly 10 pm and as the sun began to sink the weather became perfect. The Prolong Twilight Cruise on August 29 was affected, in stead of their usual 300+ cars, the count was closer to 250. The good thing is the event is in the evening.

  Eddie Tafoya and his crew brought their Kings Taco Super truck to display. Eddie is a rookie and is 3rd in the rookie standings at Irwindale Speedway and 9th overall. They set up a great looking display and the drag racers didn’t seem to mind having a NASCAR supertruck in their midst. The award for coming the farthest goes to Masako, Marina and Shota Yamashita, who were visiting from Fukuoka, Japan and they were having a great time. Mitch ‘Embo’ Bowland showed off his collapsible, polished aluminum car show boards that he makes.

  The Prolong Twilight Cruise nights resume on October 3 and continue on the first Wednesday of each month for the remainder of the year.

Thanks for the show!


The drag cars and altereds take the featured spot in front of the Museum.


This nasty ’36 Chevy Famoso Speed Shop A/Gasser owned by Randy Winkle of Bakersfield, CA. joined the featured race cars.


You’ll never guess this one! John Madden of Pomona, CA owns this 360 Dodge powered, very rare, ’32 DeSoto 3 window coupe!




Scenes of hot rods in the Museum parking lot.




This clean original ’57 Chevy Belair still has a 283 motor and it belongs to Milt Luckert from Upland, CA


A ’38 Chevy Convertible (yes your right, it was a coupe) the 383 Chevy motor gets Trini Gonzalez around Irwindale, CA


This is a great looking car. I have never seen a ’37 Studebaker Dictator before. The owner is Lawrence Telles from West Covina, CA. Thanks for letting us see it!




The whole family came out with Jesus Valencia and his “2 up” ’52 Cadillac powered ’36 Ford Pickup.




Glendora, CA is home to this sharp, small block powered, ’39 Chevy Sedan and its owner Bill Boteet.


This 502 Chevy powered ’50 Plymouth Coupe aptly named “High and Mighty” belongs to Paul Soliz. Paul is a member of the El Monte Air Force!


Eddie Tafoya and his crew brought their Kings Taco Supertruck to display.

Thank you Roger for the pictures and story.




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