PINKS! All-Out Las Vegas
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Las Vegas, Nevada

Sept. 8, 2007
Photographer: Ron Podsiadly
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We went to a taping of the TV show "Pinks all out" in LasVegas, sept 8th, that airs on speed TV. This open-competition event featured the fastest cars in a heads-up (first car to the finish line wins), $10,000-to-win shootout . On this show, they picked high 10. second cars to compete. Here are some pictures from the weekend. There were some very cool cars. They had some jet funny cars, jet dragsters and a wheelstander for exhibition cars. The show was run very well and right on their time schedule. It was a fun day of cool, fast cars. I heard that the show will air on thanksgiving day. Ron Podsiadly

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