7th Annual San Francisco Rod, Custom and Motorcycle Show
San Francisco, CA
January 12-14, 2007
Photographer: Jack Lawford


The Bike Exhibit hall had tons of really nice bikes and other “two wheeled” creations. Three Northern California custom motorcycle stylist-builders participated in a three-stage Bike Builder Challenge ..... check it out....

bicycle 1

This is NOT a Motorcycle... it’s a BICYCLE....

bicycle 2


biker build start all

Things were pretty calm at the start of the Biker Build Off...

bike build off elvis bikes 2

One the right was Ric “Elvis” Barton from Elvis’ Place in Penngrove

bike build off grumpy bikes

Infineon Raceway’s Mike “Grumpy” Fahey was hard at work... we had a chance to talk to Mike and Missy at length... very nice people with some really nice bikes on display

bike build off south city bikes

South San Francisco’s Keith Cattaneo and his KPC – South City Choppers on the left side of the stage...

biker build elvis more 5

Here’s the team from Elvis Place hard at work

biker build elvis more 2


biker bui8ld elvis 10

Elvis team nearing completion on Sunday morning

biker build elvis 6


biker build elvis 7


biker build elvis more


biker build off elvis


biker buildoff  elvis bikes1

More of Elvis’ bikes

biker bujild elvis more 6


bikr build elvis more 2w


bikr build elvis 8


bikr build elvis 9


biker build grumpy start

The team from Grumpys was all over that bike...

biker build grumpy 4

By Sunday it was Looking Good !

biker build grumpy 5

This bike turned out just AWESOME !

biker build grumpy 6

Shine it up there guys !

biker build grumpy 7


biker build grumpy more


biker build grumpy start 2

Here’s Mike talking with the audience

biker build off grumjpy

Isn’t this great !

biker build south city start

What a story here... Investment Banker by day and bike builder by night....

biker build off south city

KPC – South City Choppers was hard at it...

biker build south city again 4


biker build south city again 5


biker build south city again

Times running out.....

biker build south city agin2





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