Orange Fairgrounds
Orange, Ct
Sept 30 ,2007
Pics By Al Liebmann
9 Pages


Hi All! Just got back from the PYRAMID SHRINERS CAR CLUB & G-FORCE MOTORSPORTS 7th ANNUAL FALL CAR & TRUCK SHOW held in Orange, CT .. This was my first visit to this show but what a turnout... by 9:00 it was getting pack and the count was over 1000 Cars & Trucks by Noon !!! The weather was a Perfect 10 with highs in the 70's, This year featured Dennis Gage, with his hit television show on the SPEED channel, My Classic Car, was also on hand to film a upcoming show. Also Rit Pistari and his 320 MPH Top Fuel Dragster cackled the crowd !! .. I will be back next year for sure ... So let’s check out what’s "Shakn with the Shriners" !!! NJoy........ Big Al!!!

SHR 0000

SHR 000a

SHR 00b1

SHR 000b2

SHR 00b3

SHR 00b5

SHR 000c

SHR 000q

SHR 000t

SHR 000w

SHR 000z

SHR 001a

SHR 002

SHR 004

SHR 005

SHR 006

SHR 008a

SHR 008b

SHR 008b14

SHR 008c

SHR 008d

SHR 008x

SHR 009

SHR 009a

SHR 009b

SHR 010

SHR 011

SHR 011a

SHR 012

SHR 014

SHR 014a

SHR 014b

SHR 014c0

SHR 014d

SHR 014e

SHR 014f

SHR 014g

SHR 014h

SHR 015

SHR 017




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