The Blue Moon Cruisers Cruise-In
Soda Jerk
Hummelstown, Pa
May 19, 2007
Photographer: Rick Miller
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Rick Miller

The Blue Moon Cruisers put on another good car cruise at the Soda Jerk in Hummelstown, Pa Saturday night after the Goodguys show. The people and clubs around Hershey have something for the cruisers to do every night after the show. If the weather would be more cooperative it would be a good place to go. This year it was pretty good with only a sprinkle on Saturday night. Bruce Larson a well known drag racer (USA1) was their with the T.V. Tommy Ivo dragster that was the first car to go 250 MPH in 1974. Bruce acquired this car and with the help of a few people and rebuilt it. This was the first time showing of it. Bruce was their looking at all the cruisers and telling stories about his career. Bruce lives just down the road from the Soda Jerk. Hummelstown, Pa. Rick Miller

Soda Jerk Diner001

Soda Jerk Diner003

Soda Jerk Diner004

Soda Jerk Diner006

Soda Jerk Diner007

Soda Jerk Diner008

Soda Jerk Diner009

Soda Jerk Diner010

Soda Jerk Diner011

Soda Jerk Diner012

Soda Jerk Diner013

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Soda Jerk Diner016

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Soda Jerk Diner022

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