“Tri-County Cruisers Thursday Nite Cruize”
Riverdale, NJ
June 7, 2007
Pictures By Al Liebmann
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Big Al2

Hi Everyone........Here’s some pics from the “Tri-County Cruisers Thursday Nite Cruize”, located at the Riverdale Armory in Riverdale, NJ. This weekly cruise attracts between 150-225 cars, everything from Rods, Stocks, Kustoms, and Antiques. Tonight was an AWESOME nite over 200 cars filled the lot !!! This cruise is held every Thursday from May through October with more cars in attendance each week. I hope you NJoy the pics!!! Big Al!!!

TC 000

TC 001

TC 002

TC 002A

TC 002B

TC 003

TC 004

TC 004A

TC 005

TC 005A

TC 005B

TC 005C

TC 005D

TC 005E

TC 006

TC 007

TC 007A

TC 008

TC 009

TC 009A

TC 009B

TC 010

TC 010A

TC 10B

TC 10C

TC 010D

TC 10E

TC 011

TC 012

TC 013

TC 014

TC 015

TC 016

TC 016A

TC 016B

TC 016E

TC 017

TC 018





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