36th Annual Boise Roadster Show
 Expo Idaho.
Boise, Idaho
March 6-9, 2008
Photographer: Victoria Schwartz
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Presented by Les Schwab, this four-day event attracted a tremendous crowd. This show is one of Idaho’s biggest events at the Western Idaho Fairgrounds. This show is put on by the New Family, owners of Firebird Raceway, which is part of the NHRA Hotrod Heritage Series.

Victoria Schwartz

2008BoiseRoadsterShow 001

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2008BoiseRoadsterShow 004

85 Vette Coupe owned by Jeff Lecleure of Golden, CO

2008BoiseRoadsterShow 003


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 005


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 006


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 007

1946 Harley Davidson WL owned By Dylan & Trina Lowry

2008BoiseRoadsterShow 008


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 009


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 011

2007 Harley owned By Mark Earls of Meridian, Idaho

2008BoiseRoadsterShow 012


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 013


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 014

32 Ford Roadster owned By Bill Williams from W. Valley, Utah

2008BoiseRoadsterShow 015


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 017

2008 Old School Bobber from American V-Twin Motorcycles of Idaho

2008BoiseRoadsterShow 018


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 020

1909 Ford Landaulette Limo owned By Doug Weigel Of Albuquerque, NM

2008BoiseRoadsterShow 021


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 022


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 024

1938 Chevrolet Pick-Up owned By Richard and Helen Fripp

2008BoiseRoadsterShow 025


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 026


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 027


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 028

1960 Chevy El Camino owned By Ken Reister of Littleton, CO

2008BoiseRoadsterShow 029


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 030


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 031


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 032

1954 Chevy Sedan Owned By Matt & Colleen Beckdolt

2008BoiseRoadsterShow 033


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 034


2008BoiseRoadsterShow 035





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