LA County Fairplex
Pomona, CA
January 25-27, 2008

   The Grand Daddy of them all ... The 59th Grand National Roadster show in Pomona was the BEST !  John Buck and his crew have done an outstanding job of putting together all of the elements needed to provide both spectators and exhibitors with a first class venue. We especially love the GNRS as we get to see so many of our friends from So. California ... both personal old “car guy” friends and those we have met since beginning Hotrodhotline.com back in 1999.  We have marked our calendars permanently to include the GNRS every year .... it was a Blast !


  Our favorite friend to see at GNRS is Richard Parks ... who you see here hard at work deciphering his notes in the HRHL Booth.




What a group ! Ironic we have to come to California to see our good friends Bill and Scott New ... they are owners of the Firebird Raceway in Boise and put on the ISCA Boise Roadster show... great people !  And hey.... that’s Tommy Ivo and Richard Parks there too !


 Tommy Ivo was having a great time at the show .... lot’s of NHRA comrades to shoot the breeze with !


  Jim Clark is now carrying the Ron Covell DVD’s on metalworking at his website www.HotRodLibrary.com   They’re great.


   Legend Vern Tardell stopped by and spent some time talking about his flatheads.... great guy !

One of our best friends ... Dick Dean, came by his his sons.  Keith has taken over Dicks shop in Hemet, Ca.... and he’s named it after his dads first shop... South End Kustom

Check it out !


And it’s Jay Ohrberg.... better known as Mr. Roadster .... Jay was inducted into the Grand National Roadster Hall of Fame this year. Jay has designed and built some of the finest cars in Hollywood.


  Hey... look at the latest from Barris Kustoms ... the batmobile guitar ... very cool...  www.barris.com 


  and look who’s here... none other than Dave McClelland.... the voice of the drag racing. Dave was there to emcee the award ceremony and the Hall of Fame dinner.

 It was a great pleasure and honor to have Ed Iskenderian stop by our booth.... we talked for a long time and he told us all about the good old days and how Isky Cams came to be ....  what a guy !

  Here’s Ed with Jim Clark

  Herb Martinez .... one of our favorite pin strippers here with Jim Clark.... it was good to see Herb... we haven’t seen him in a while.  Herb has a new book out ... 


  Americas Most Beautiful Roadster.... and it was a beauty !  Owner Rudy Necoechea has a car to be proud of !




  “Undisputed” ... and the name fits !


 The crew behind the car ... Scotts Hot Rods and many other who contributed to this work of art.




  Paige and Rich Udell are friends of Hotrodhotline who we are always glad to see.  While their new car is being built they are helping out “Magnitude” owner Sam Magarino by working his display and getting his car to some of the winter shows

  Sam Magarino has had some nice cars ... but this one is outstanding.  It was in serious contention for the AMBR award.













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