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March 7-9, 2008
Photographer: Ron Podsiadly
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Here are some pics from the March Meet in Bakersfield.  First, I would like to say we lost a AA/FD driver on Saturday and I would like to send out my condolences to his family and friends. John Shoemaker will be missed. RIP,John

Sunday at Bakersfield started out with a moment of silence for John and Boyd and Lil'John and then went into some very cool racing.  The weather was just great and the race cars, show cars and roaming around taking picture was a blast. The smell of nitro and rubber filled the air and the sounds of burnouts and the crackel of the exhaust made the day very COOL. Hope you enjoy enjoy the pics as much as I did taking them. Ron....

100_4457 (Small)

100_4458 (Small)

100_4459 (Small)

100_4460 (Small)

100_4461 (Small)

100_4462 (Small)

100_4463 (Small)

100_4464 (Small)

100_4465 (Small)

100_4466 (Small)

100_4467 (Small)

100_4468 (Small)

100_4469 (Small)

100_4470 (Small)

100_4471 (Small)

100_4472 (Small)

100_4474 (Small)

100_4475 (Small)

100_4473 (Small)

100_4476 (Small)

100_4477 (Small)

100_4478 (Small)

100_4479 (Small)

100_4480 (Small)

100_4481 (Small)

100_4482 (Small)

100_4483 (Small)

100_4484 (Small)

100_4485 (Small)

100_4486 (Small)

100_4487 (Small)

100_4488 (Small)

100_4489 (Small)

100_4490 (Small)

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100_4494 (Small)

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