Ron Kregoski

Hot Rods In Paradise
The 3rd Annual Maui Island Wide Car Show
April 6, 2008
By Ronald Kregoski

They came down the volcano, out of the little towns and up from the valleys of Maui. Over 126 cars & bikes rolled out of grass shacks all over the island to attend the 3rd Annual Maui Island Wide Car Show.

Sponsored by the Maui Street Rodders event took place at the Cannery in Lahaina this week under blue skies and bordered by swaying palms. The purpose of the event was to raise money for the Lainaina Luna Athletic Dept. and share the Aloha Mauiians have for their cars.

Most people don’t think of street rods when they think of Maui. But the small island hosts two clubs, Maui Classic Cruisers and Maui Street Rodders. There are over 400 street rods and customs on the island; probably more than most any other area of equal population.

Here is just a sampling of what rolled out for the event.

1-Mark King, preside#2A9B07

Mark King, president of the Maui Street Rodders rules with a big block shoe box.

2-'27 T turtle back #2A9B0A

'27 T turtle back roadster owned by Bill Robinson

3- This Modrel A, 5-#2A9B0D

This Model A, 5-window flying the bowtie emblem is owned by Clifford Figureroa.

4- Dean Rostuck rest#2A9B10

Dean Rostuck restricted the flames on his ZO6 to this inside of the engine compartment.

5- This six banger l#2A9B0B

The six banger looks good in this little island T.

6- Jerome Fernandez'#2A9B0C

Jerome Fernandez's orange pearl Model A pickup made me a little lonesome for mine.

7- The 'StudeFaker' #2A9B09

The 'StudeFaker' is owned by Philbert Fraqteis of Makawoa.

8- Todd Durell's pea#2A9B0E

Clyde Alameda's pearl Vette really caught the sunlight.

9- The flame drenche#2A9B0F

The flame drenched VW is the work of Jareth Lumlau.

10- Kirby Horrell, t#2A9B08

Kirby Horrell, the western Rep for Goodguys, came over from Oahu to sign up Maui Islanders like Ricardo here.

11- This Uala Farms #2A9B11

This Uala Farms '41 belongs to Sekaci Lampitoe

12- Ray Ort owns thi#2A9B12

Ray Ort owns this good looking Studebaker truck.

13- Mini's , old and#2A9B13

 Mini's , old and new were represented.


Hot Licks make this coupe stand out from pack.


The acceleration from this hemi may just give one hemroids

16- Gary Cunningham #2A9B17

Gary Cunningham restored this VW camper bringing back memories.

17- Still running co#2A9B18

Still running cool after being fired up for the Cackelfest.


This ’58 Chevy looks good from the rear….


…..as well as from the front.

20- Steven Torres' A#2A9B1D

Steven Torres' Anglia was an eye magnet throughout the show.

21- Ken Ventura's Sm#2A9B1F

Ken Ventura's Smoothed out four door Chevy makes a great cruiser and a great stable mate to his boss ’37 Willy’s pickup.

22- It was a perfect#2A9B21

It was a perfect day for an outdoor car show.

23- A beautiful Healy 3000

British iron was well represented by the beautiful Healy 3000.

24- A bird of paradise

A true bird of paradise.


A Chevy with a mouth full of teeth.


Traditional rods were present.

27- Another General lee

Never too many ‘General Lees’.

28- This little buck#2A9B2D

This little bucket looked right at home with its Hawaiian colors.


The island has it’s share of the ‘raised-and-readies’


A nice ‘37

31- This beautiful H#2A9B2C

This beautiful Hercules Woody owned by Jane Moore sported an authentic Hawaiian board.

32- Tsunami towing d#2A9B30

Tsunami towing demonstrates their capabilities.

33- You don't see ma#2A9B2E

You don't see many customized E-Types like the one owned by James Medeiros.

34- The bike show go#2A9B34

The bike show entertained everyone.

35- A chopped, secti#2A9B31

"A Dodge Power wagon left over from WWII was transformed by Bully Joaquin into a chopped, sectioned and slammed beauty."


The hidden hydraulics were just as interesting.

37- Maui's Koa wood #2A9B33

Maui's Koa wood is put to good use.

38- The  trip back h#2A9B35

The trip back home was full of beautiful views including this backside of a Willys gasser.




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