Bellacino’s Restaurant Cruise
Farmington, MI
June 28 2009
Pictures By: Bob Steinhaus

bob steinhaus

Tonight, along with our regular Monday night activities we added the display of t-shirts and photo collages from the last three years of Monday night cruises. The nights darkened skies never developed into the rain that was forecasted, but it did keep some regulars at away. Those who came enjoyed the DJ music, food discounts at Bellacino’s, 50/50 raffle and prize drawing. Enjoy the pics!

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Bellacino's 001field

Bellacino's 003field

Bellacino's 006field

Bellacino's 007field

Bellacino's 008field

Bellacino's 013field

Bellacino's 002field

Bellacino's 004field

Bellacino's 005field

Bellacino's 009field

Bellacino's 010field

Bellacino's 011field

Bellacino's 012field

Bellacino's 014field

Bellacino's 015field

Bellacino's 016field

Bellacino's 017field

Bellacino's 018field

Bellacino's 019field

Bellacino's 020field

Bellacino's 021field

Bellacino's 022field

Bellacino's 023field

Bellacino's 024field

Bellacino's 025field

Bellacino's 026field

Bellacino's 027field

Bellacino's 028field

Bellacino's 029field

Bellacino's 030field

Bellacino's 031field

Bellacino's 032field

Bellacino's 033field

Bellacino's 034field

Bellacino's 035field

Bellacino's 036field

Bellacino's 037field

Bellacino's 038field

Bellacino's 039field

Bellacino's 040field

Bellacino's 041field

Bellacino's 042field

Bellacino's 043field

Bellacino's 044field

Bellacino's 045field

Bellacino's 046field

Bellacino's 047field

Bellacino's 048field

Bellacino's 049field

Bellacino's 050field

Bellacino's 051field

Bellacino's 052field

Bellacino's 053field

Bellacino's 054field

Bellacino's 055field

Bellacino's 056field

Bellacino's 057field

Bellacino's 058field

Bellacino's 059field

Bellacino's 060field





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