Weekend UpDate
From Charles Shotwell (Chuck the Slacker)
Nov. 14
, 2009
Foster’s Cruise in
Stafford, VA



Chuck’s Car

Ida….ida rather be driving the hot rod around than sitting home watching it rain! Hurricane Ida was dumping copious amounts of rain on us for four days! Saturday we wanted to go to the last Foster’s Cruise in Stafford, VA but the roads were still wet from the above mentioned rain. The cruise started around noon and by 1PM the roads were dry enough to take the hot rods out. But the Princess had escaped to a local craft show and had not returned yet. She was performing one of our green contribution processes…. she buys stuff at craft shows and either gives it

away or puts it somewhere in the house until she gets tired of it or can’t remember why she bought it and I get to sell it on eBay or at a yard sale! I think it’s called recycling? Anyway I got a terse call from Steve who was at the cruise asking “WHERE WERE WE!?” He said about 20 cars were there and we said we would be there at noon and WHERE WERE WE?….I tried to explain about the puddles in the road and that the Princess was not here but I didn’t get a lot of sympathy from Steve….I knew I had to get to Foster’s….with or without the Princess. I cleared out the driveway, warmed up the hot rods and located the Princess….she would be home in a few minutes.

When we arrived there were still around 20 cars there and through the afternoon some left and others came by….about 30 cars total. I’m glad Jerry brought out his hunting Willys, you have to ask him! The black ’37 Ford dirt track car was interesting, I have seen it at a couple shows this year. The black ’37 PU was way cool with it’s 6x2 intake! The nice red ’29 Ford sedan was interesting in that it runs a V-6! Not a bad idea considering the price of fuel nowadays! Of course I don’t have that problem since I drive a hybrid….burns gasoline & rubber….I call it my ecofastmover, hehehehe There were many car clubs represented at the small gathering which helped the communication between local clubs….if nothing else it reestablishes old friendships….always a good thing. Most of us had something to eat at Foster’s and came back outside to network. The Princess got stuck inside….talking ‘bus’ talk ( she has been a school bus driver for 25 years!) with Ramona and another friend, Mary Ann. Since she would stay inside talking for days I decided to liven things up a little so I fired up the RedRat and chugged out of the lot, past the dining room of Foster’s so the Princess could see me leaving! She gets so uptight about a little humor when it’s directed at her!? I think she was saying things that Princesses should not say? Anyway she told everyone in the lot what she thought of my feeble attempt at humor! I promised to take her to one of her favorite restaurants the next day to patch things up….She is such a pushover for food!

So Sunday we cruised to the Crabby Oyster near Dahlgren, VA for lunch with Dan & Ramona. The restaurant is clean and the service is attentive and humorous, in a good way….grin. The food is always good and we recommend it if you want a no frills honest seafood dinner for around $50 for two. On the way back to Stafford the RedRat headed to Fredericksburg and Carl’s Ice Cream….A great ending to a mostly gorgeous weekend!

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Fosters 11-14-09 002 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 005 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 006 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 007 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 009 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 010 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 011 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 012 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 013 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 014 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 014a (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 015 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 016 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 017 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 018 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 020 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 022 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 023 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 024 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 025 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 028 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 029 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 030 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 032 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 033 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 035 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 037 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 038 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 039 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 046 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 047 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 050 (Medium)

Fosters 11-14-09 054 (Medium)

Thank you Chuck!




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