Foster’s Cruise-IN 2nd Saturday of Each Month
 Stafford, VA

July 11, 2009
Page 3

We arrived at Foster’s early and Dave was still setting up some of the deal but he had the cones out to sequester the parking lot. We parked and went inside to eat; it’s always good to eat at Foster’s.. ..and I can make sure I have my RDA of cookies too, grin After we ate we set up chairs to wait for more people to come in, there were already ten cars but more came as the night progressed. They were all the usual suspects and as we sat it started to rain! It rained for about Ĺ hour then the sun came out again! We needed to wipe down the cars anyway, at least that’s what the Princess said. Paul shared some French Baguettes with us, they were verified French baguettes? I don’t know about all that but they smelled and tasted real good! We stayed till about 8PM but decided to leave early because of the long day we had. The fellowship is always good at Foster’s and the food seldom disappoints so if you are near I95 & Rt.17 the second Saturday of the month you need to stop in and say HI.. ..You will meet some nice people and see some cool cars too!

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Foster's  7-11-09 12201 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12202 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12204 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12206 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12207 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12208 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12209 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12210 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12212 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12214 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12215 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12216 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12217 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12219 (Medium)

Foster's  7-11-09 12220 (Medium)




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