Sonny’s Cruise
Luray, VA
July 12, 2009
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Sunday we met at the WAWA and waited for the thundering herds of people going with us to Sonny’s restaurant near Luray, VA. Jim & Linda and their beautiful blue Corvette came by so we left at 10:05. Then on our way out of Stafford we picked up Dan & Ramona as we passed their road on the west end of Stafford. We traveled to the Sheetz station in Opal to pick up Les & Peggy then on to Culpeper to meet Lou & Arlene. Lou called me to say his car just broke, he was waiting for AAA to take it home! I offered assistance but he said he was good so we continued on toward Sonny’s near Luray, VA. The Princess and I had eaten there during our 44th Anniversary retreat in May and found the service and food to be very good and we wanted to share the experience with our friends. It’s about 97 miles one way, up and over the mountains near Sperryville and Skyline Drive. We had made the trip many times on the Harley but had never taken the hot rods. Today was the day! The sky was cloudy but the weather guessers said no rain so off we went. So when we got near Culpeper it started to rain and we had to stop so Les could put up his top on his Olds, then after we traveled another 3 miles the rain quit and we stopped again for Les to put the top down this time! I’m glad I don’t have to make those kind of decisions, top up or top down or back up then down, I guess it’s the kind of thing you have to deal with when you have a topless car, hehehe I think the on again off again rain was to be a portent of things to come later in the day. We ran up over the mountain and near Luray we stopped at the Liberty station for fuel and potty break then on to Sonny’s. I didn’t know how busy they were so I called ahead and told them eight people and five hot rods were on the way. When we arrived they were set up for us, planning is everything!

The food and service at Sonny’s is as we remembered.. ..Perfect! The menu is diverse and the portions are more than ample. The potato beer soup was great as was the loaded nachos. If you are looking for little finger in the air yuppie food you might want to take a look at the salad. But if you are looking for enough man’s food to make you feel like a tick that has been hanging on someone for a week, then order the brisket platter with the potato beer soup.. ..Bon Appétit! Peggy needs to work with Les on his lack of appreciation of food presentation.. ..The little trees and green leaves are to make it look pretty Les.. ..I thought you had a little more culture than that since you drive a car that doesn’t have a metal top!.. ..grin So with our bellies full we decided to start the return adventure to Stafford. But Peggy wanted to take some pictures of all our cars together in front of Sonny’s.. ..since Dan didn’t want to park with us earlier. She had to organize us so she could get “the picture” she wanted? HUH So she organized us like a pile up of crashing cars! I so don’t understand artsy fartsy photographers? With the picture taken we ventured back down the mountain. I took a 6 min video of the trip down the mountain, check it out on my u-tube 502SizeMatters. You can get an idea what it's like riding in the RedRat! Just remember I still have to drive with one hand so the camera shakes a little, hehe When we arrived in Sperryville, Les & Peggy peeled off on Rt. 211 and headed home a shorter way for them. On the way to Culpeper Dan decided we needed to go by Carl’s for ice cream so we pressed on through Culpeper and Rt. 3 towards Fredericksburg. We got to the place on Rt. 3 where it opens up to four lanes and it started to rain! It rained a little but the road spray was too much, the cars were turning into a mess! I decided to take the shorter way to Carl’s on River Rd. but it was messed up with rain and spray too. Oh well that gives us retired people something to do during the week..hehehehe The rain quit and we were just dealing with puddles and run off when we arrived at Carl’s but I think the humidity changed to about 200% when we got out of the cars, I think it would be drier if it was raining. After as suitable amount of frozen milk fat was consumed we left for Stafford.

A fun filled day of 225 miles, running the roads in Virginia, giving people something to wave/honk/yell at while we just knowingly smiled and waved back.. ..I guess it's just me but I really don’t understand why people would rather stay home and mow their lawn? And now the anticipation of next weekend starts.. ..

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Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 004 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 007 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 011 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 013 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 016 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 017 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 018 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 024 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 030 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 035 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 038 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 039 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 040 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 042 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 043 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 046 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 077 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 079 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 081 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 085 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 091 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 095 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 096 (Medium)

Sonny's Cruise 9-12-09 099 (Medium)

Thanks Chuck!




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