SoCal Woodies
Doheny Wood 2009
 Doheny State Beach
Dana Point, CA
April 25, 2009
Pictures By Brent Stackhouse


Brent and Jan Stackhouse

Surf was up. Food was Plentiful , Sponsored by SoCal Woodies. About 150 showed up for a, catered by Outback Steakhouse, Babyback ribs, BBQ chicken and all the fixins on Friday evening. Saturday morning about 180 Woodies showed up, from Packards to a Rolls Royce to several Buicks, Pontiacs, Chevrolets, and all of their fun loving caretakers. We were treated to chocolate chip pancakes, fresh picked strawberries, fruit, eggs, salsa and sausage, catered by San Diego Woodies and then an afternoon meal of Baja Fresh Taco's, beans, rice chips and salsa. In the Woodie world it’s all about the people. The Woodies are just the glue that bring us all together.

Next meet will be in Lake Arrowhead June 6 and then onto Santa Cruz “Woodies on the Warf” on June 27. Santa Barbara on Aug. 15 and then the granddaddy of them all “Wavecrest” in Encinitas, Sept 19th. Come and join the fun.

More of Doheny Wood 2009... and Yes that is Jay Nordgren walking his Bengal cat on a leash...  And grandaughter Sierra at 2 1/2 notices that her dress matches Pa Pa's woodie so, can she have it? Of course Jan wants to know if she can have the Sequoia Cream 48 Buick cuz it matches her outfit.....It’s been said if a woman organized a car show it would be organized by the color of the cars, like I said it’s all about the people, the Woodies are just the glue that bring us together.  Enjoy , Brent. 

Click on Photos to Enlarge

Doheny 09 etc 004 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 031 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 034 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 036 (Small) (2)

Doheny 09 etc 039 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 041 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 043 (Small) (2)

Doheny 09 etc 044 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 048 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 053 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 052 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 080 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 067 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 079 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 071 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 076 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 076 (Small)1

Doheny 09 etc 077 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 081 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 082 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 082 (Small)1

Doheny 09 etc 082 (Small)2

Doheny 09 etc 115 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 116 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 120 (Small)

woody 39 beach 009 (Small)

Doheny 09 etc 073 (Small)

woody 39 beach 013 (Small)

woody 39 beach 025 (Small)

woody 39 beach 034 (Small)

Thank you Brent and Jan for the pictures




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