On the Road Again...Weekend UpDate
From Charles Shotwell (Chuck the Slacker)
 Fredericksburg, VA
June 12-13, 2009
Virginia Barbeque
Stangs and Fangs cruise in Central Park
“Festival” in Colonial Beach
Foster’s Grille Cruise-In



Friday evening and the rain is staying away from North Fredericksburg so we cruise to Virginia Barbeque on Rt. 1. I guess a lot of people thought they would get wet if they came out because this cruise usually has 50+ cars and tonight it had 28 cars! But as always something interesting rolls in and tonight it is a hotrod Crosley!? HUH The Crosley was made from 1939 to 1952. The little Crosley was a unique car with the first mass-produced single overhead cam engine; they were also the first to have 4 wheel disc brakes! And it did all that while getting 50 mpg fuel mileage! Their motors were made of sheet metal during WWII and used as APU’s in PT boats and B-17 Bombers. We had two of these funny little cars when we lived in Florida in the early 50’s. They were a sturdy little car for in town but I wouldn’t want to go cross country in one. The one tonight had Chevette running gear, very different, hot rodding gone mad! Hehehe The dark grey Chevelle with the tidy engine compartment, not too much shinny and a little more use of color coordination. There was a black ’55 Ford T-Bird that came in late and a nice purple Dart that we have seen before. Ron called the cruise around 9PM so we left and cruised to the Stangs and Fangs cruise in Central Park. Since we got there late most of the cars had left but there were still 11 cars there, then on home to put the rodents to bed.

Saturday we met up with Dale at the WAWA and decided to scrap the cruise to Bert’s in MD because the night before Dan told me that the 301 bridge would be cut to one lane for maintenance! So not wanting to sit in traffic for hours we decided to go to Colonial Beach for lunch. Little did we know that they were having a “Festival” in Colonial Beach.. ..With little Shriners cars, clowns, parades and Police everywhere. Dale figured out how to go around all the “Festival” festivities and get to the Happy Clam restaurant, whew. This is the first time we have eaten at this restaurant since the hurricane blew it away a few years ago.. ..The food is great and the service is quick and attentive, we’ll go back! After eating too much I had to fold up to get into the RedRat what a deal!

We cruised to Foster’s Grille in Stafford and the monthly cruise hosted by Virginia Stockers Car Club. As I’ve said before most cruises and shows develop a “personality” over time. People and cars can come and go but an underlining personality develops. At Foster’s it seems that all the ladies sit in their chairs in a circle in the grass and talk. Now the Princess can talk! Some of them are crocheting some just talking.. ..All laughing a lot and enjoying the time together. Now the guys roam around looking at the cars.. ..Nodding in approval or shaking their head in disapproval. Then as the evening progresses they start grouping in little pods of 5-6 guys. Anyway, on with the cars. There were 31 cars present, which is good for this new cruise, it will get better. Two of my favorite cars were there, the black ’60 Starliner and the black ’57 Ford and there was a nice red ’63 Vette with red line tires! That brought back some memories. Stuarts GT-40 is always fun to look at.. ..He keeps making modifications for more HP! I guess one can’t have too much HP? The most unusual piece was the red ’51 Ford PU. It is a movie truck, having been used in the Buddy Holly Story and another one that I forgot the name of. It was originally black but the new owner painted it red. Paul and Willey kept everyone on their toes and laughing.. ..This is a neat cruise, it’s the second Saturday so don’t miss it next month.
I came down with the flu and had to stay in bed from Sat night to Tue morning! I missed the show at Orange airport. I am going to interview the Princess and Dan to see if they have enough information and pictures to post a report.. ..We’ll see

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Thanks Chuck!




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