Billetproof Texas 2009
Fireman’s Park
July 25-26, 2009
Giddings, Texas 78942
Pictures By Richard “Too Low” Haas


“Too Low”

"Yeah, it was hot in Giddings, Texas, but it wasn't just the weather. The cars were hot at the first ever Texas Billet Proof Car Show! This get together which started a few years ago in California, now happens in several states and it's easy to see why it is so popular. You can just leave your high dollar, chrome laden, billet dripping trailer queen at home 'cause that ain't what they come to see at this one!

Rat rod is a term that really doesn't cover what's going on, Retro Rod really doesn't say it either. As far as ol' Too Low is concerned, this is the direction that Hot Rodding is heading, not coming from. Ya sure don't see any "Do Not

Touch" signs!  And the sound of zoomie headers and hopped up six cylinders are music to the ears!  I may have to trade the ol' Thunderchicken for a '39 Dodge pickup with a John Deere grille and a flat head six......yeah, that's the idea!"  Too Low

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giddings 029

giddings 030

giddings 031

giddings 039

giddings 040

giddings 042

giddings 045

giddings 048

giddings 049

giddings 050

giddings 052

giddings 053

giddings 054

giddings 056

giddings 057

giddings 058

giddings 059

giddings 065

giddings 066

giddings 067

giddings 068

giddings 081

giddings 086

giddings 087

giddings 092

giddings 098

giddings 099

giddings 104

giddings 105

giddings 109

giddings 111

giddings 112

giddings 116

giddings 119

giddings 120

giddings 122

giddings 123

giddings 127

giddings 128

giddings 129

giddings 130

giddings 134

giddings 135

giddings 138

giddings 139

giddings 144

giddings 159

giddings 078

giddings 125

giddings 132

giddings 146

Thanks Richard!




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