Orange, VA Burger King cruise
June 20, 2009
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A few of the hardier cruisers (or do we just not have a life?) decided to go to the monthly Orange, VA Burger King cruise since we were so close, about 50 miles of more country roads, and since we hadn’t been there yet this year. So Camaro Boy, The Princess and the Slacker blasted off for Orange.

After we set up at Orange BK we were told by DJ Ron that they had rain that day before we got there but the ground/road was dry now? And the rain kept many away from the cruise since they sometimes have in excess of 200 cars! That night it looked like somewhere between 60-90.. ..Still not bad. There was a blue 40-41 Buick with a history with President Eisenhower.. ..I’ll have to find out more about it next time. And Camaros-A-Plenty! I think there were about 15 Camaros.. ..Including Tom’s trick Maroon one with the mile long Lenco trans, grin A nicely done dark purple ’66 Chevy II, nothing too radical, just nice. The BK manager picked the red ’56 T-Bird and the very special green 40’s Chevy Pickup for and award and since the Princess didn’t win she said it was time to go and she didn’t like her hamburger anyway and she wanted to park in the front of BK, by the front door next time!  So we cruised back home and ended a 180 mile day. And about 20 min after the hot rods in the garage.. ..It rained! Someone was watching out for us that day!

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BK Orange 6-20-09-01 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-02 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-03 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-04 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-05 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-06 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-07 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-08 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-09 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-10 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-11 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-12 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-13 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-14 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-15 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-16 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-17 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-18 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-19 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-20 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-21 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-22 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-23 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-24 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-25 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-26 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-27 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-28 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-29 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-30 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-31 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-32 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-33 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-34 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-35 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-36 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-38 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-40 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-41 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-42 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-43 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-44 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-45 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-46 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-47 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-48 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-49 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-51 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-52 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-53 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-54 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-55 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-56 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-57 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-58 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-60 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-61 (Large)

BK Orange 6-20-09-63 (Large)




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