McDade, Texas
July 11, 2009
Pictures By Richard “Too Low” Haas


“Too Low”

" The 61st Annual McDade Watermelon Festival in McDade Texas (about 50 miles east of Austin) is a model of Car Show organization. Not only is there no entry fee (although they encourage a $5 donation!), but the grounds are marked, the folks that greet you are friendly and informed, and everyone involved seems to be really pleased to be a part of it. As far as I know, it is not a car club, though the Bastrop Cruisers do get the shaded parking.

Never any good at estimating how many cars show up at various events, I would still guess that there were around 150 rides of all type....antiques, muscle cars, customs, hot rods and even some very old and rare farm tractors.

There were plenty of vendors with handmade wares and great food, but I only wish someone would serve some ICE COLD watermelon....

I have made the last 6 McDade shows and will definitely be there next year, even if I have to bring my own chilled watermelon.....oh yeah, an 85 pounder won the trophy this year.

Sorry about not having my usual clever captions for the photos, but it was just waaaay too hot to stand around gathering all the info." Richard "Too Low" Haas

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McDade 008

McDade 009

McDade 011

McDade 014

McDade 015

McDade 016

McDade 017

McDade 018

McDade 019

McDade 020

McDade 021

McDade 023

McDade 024

McDade 025

McDade 026

McDade 027

McDade 029

McDade 030

McDade 031

McDade 032

McDade 033

McDade 034

McDade 035

McDade 036

McDade 038

McDade 040

McDade 041

McDade 078

McDade 042

McDade 044

McDade 047

McDade 048

McDade 049

McDade 052

McDade 054

McDade 055

McDade 065

McDade 066

McDade 067

McDade 068

McDade 069

McDade 071

McDade 082

McDade 106

McDade 109

McDade 112

McDade 114

McDade 127

McDade 138

McDade 145

Thanks Too Low!




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