Multi-Lakes Car Cruise
Commerce Twp, MI
June 26
Pictures By: Bob Steinhaus

bob steinhaus
Multi-Lakes 001field

Always a Friday night favorite, because of the beautiful area in which the cruise-in is located. Along with the beautiful weather and a varied array of cars, everyone enjoyed the food, raffles, and camaraderie. Enjoy the pics.

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Multi-Lakes 002field

Multi-Lakes 003field

Multi-Lakes 004field

Multi-Lakes 005field

Multi-Lakes 006field

Multi-Lakes 007field

Multi-Lakes 008field

Multi-Lakes 009field

Multi-Lakes 010field

Multi-Lakes 011field

Multi-Lakes 012field

Multi-Lakes 013field

Multi-Lakes 014field

Multi-Lakes 015field

Multi-Lakes 016field

Multi-Lakes 017field

Multi-Lakes 018field

Multi-Lakes 019field

Multi-Lakes 020field

Multi-Lakes 021field

Multi-Lakes 022field

Multi-Lakes 023field

Multi-Lakes 024field

Multi-Lakes 025field

Multi-Lakes 026field

Multi-Lakes 027field

Multi-Lakes 028field

Multi-Lakes 029field

Multi-Lakes 030field

Multi-Lakes 031field

Multi-Lakes 032field

Multi-Lakes 033field

Multi-Lakes 034field

Multi-Lakes 035field

Multi-Lakes 036field

Multi-Lakes 037field

Multi-Lakes 038field

Multi-Lakes 039field

Multi-Lakes 040field

Multi-Lakes 041field

Multi-Lakes 042field

Multi-Lakes 043field

Multi-Lakes 044field

Multi-Lakes 045field

Multi-Lakes 046field

Multi-Lakes 047field

Multi-Lakes 048field

Multi-Lakes 049field

Multi-Lakes 050field

Multi-Lakes 051field

Multi-Lakes 052field

Multi-Lakes 053field

Multi-Lakes 054field

Multi-Lakes 055field

Multi-Lakes 056field

Multi-Lakes 057field

Multi-Lakes 058field

Multi-Lakes 059field

Multi-Lakes 060field

Multi-Lakes 061field





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