Nick Alexander Collection
 (Nick says Goodbye)
Vernon, CA.
Story and photographs by Roger Rohrdanz


 On August 18, 2009 at Monterey, CA. Nick Alexander will sell the bulk of his amazing collection of Ford & Mercury Woodie Station Wagons. 52 cars out of the 60 car collection will be auctioned off by RM Auctions. On July 18, Nick invited friends and fans to visit the collection one last time. In a statement released to the V-8 Club, Nick said, “My decision to sell was based on several factors. We have been under the threat of losing our wonderful building to eminent domain for some time and Costco seems determined to see it through, although recently they have


Roger Rohrdanz

put negotiations with the city on hold”. Nick added, “The main idea is that these 60 cars should have batteries charged, gas tanks full, license plates current and they should be road worthy. This involves a huge amount of time and effort. I am 66 and no one else in my family has the old car gene. I have four young grandkids that, for now, like hanging out with me so I want to have as much time as possible for them. 

  My other hobby, raising horses, is expanding. I have bought additional acreage and enjoy the Santa Ynez Valley and want to be there more. The cumulative effect of all of the above led me to my decision. It was not an easy one, I still get a rush when I open the door and look down the rows of those awesome old Fords and Mercurys. I still have days when I think, what the hell am I doing”.

   Nick went on to say, “I am grateful for the friendships that I have made over the last 14 years and I intend to remain in the hobby and look forward to seeing you all at future meets and get-togethers. A huge thanks to all of you that have helped us put our collection together by selling us cars and parts and sharing your knowledge and expertise. Several members of our team intend to stay at our location and continue to do first class woodwork, wood graining, upholstery and mechanical work, so I hope you will continue to utilize their services, they are highly skilled family people that take great pride in their work”.

  Nick’s dad, Ben Alexander, best known for his role as Officer Frank Smith in the TV series Dragnet, started his Ford dealership in Los Angeles to supplement his acting career. Nick took over in the mid 60’s and eventually it became, as it is today, a BMW dealership.

  The collection contains meticulously restored Woodie Station Wagons representing every year that Ford made a Woodie. Also included are several Mercury Station Wagons and some rare Ford & Mercury Sportsman convertibles.

Thanks for the Show!

Click on Photos to Enlarge


Some of the early arrivals were the Model “A” club.


The So Cal Woodie Club came early and found parking in this unique setting.


Old cars in these old L.A. surroundings make interesting pictures.


This ’51 Mercury Woodie Station Wagon is 351 Ford powered and belongs to,
So Cal Woodies Club Member, Tom Sabol of West Hills, CA.


Another So Cal Woodies Club Member, Mickey Christiason brought his Chevy
powered ’48 Ford Woodie.from Cerritos, CA.


This very rare, 1 of only 567 built, “original” ’42 Ford Station Wagon was driven here
 from Escondido, CA. by Andre Hendrikson.


Housed in an awesome, restored brick building, is seen the Nick Alexander Woodie Collection for the last time!


Some of the ‘40’s & ‘50’s Woodies.






Classic pictures on the walls depict craftsmen who originally created these cars.


Some of the ‘20’s & ‘30’s Woodies.




This perfect ’32 Ford Woodie Station Wagon will be auctioned next month.


Another auction piece is this very sharp ’56 Mercury Monterey 8-passenger Station Wagon.


When we think of “Woodies” we think of station wagons, but Ford built these Sportsman Woodies. The auction will see this is a ’47 Ford Super Deluxe Sportsman with a long list of awards in its trunk


This ’46 Mercury Sportsman is very rare, only 205 built. It also will be auctioned off.


A fine example of a ’49 Mercury Station Wagon.


Later in the day, the collection got more crowded. Here you can see a bit more of the brick building housing the collection.


The logo on one of the employee’s shirt.


Another building with lots of parts & projects.


Behind the scenes, this is where the “mechanical” work is done.


Behind the scenes, this is where the “woodworking” is done.




Nick Alexander, in the middle with the blue shirt, poses with members of the So Cal Woodie Club.




Ben Alexander (r), best known for his role as Officer Frank Smith in the TV series Dragnet. Jack Webb (l) starred in the series.




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