We are now entering our 11th YEAR here at Hotrodhotline.com.... and what a ride this has been ! From our first booth at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals back in 1999 when all of the car guys would barely even glance at our Computer Setup.... to now when we have as many as 74,000 Visitors on some days ! WOW ! We’ve come a long way haven’t we ? And who do we thank for that ??? Of course there are many to thank.....YOU...our visitors are the people who make this possible .... with your thousands of contributions of pictures and articles over the years, you have enabled us to bring much enjoyment to fellow rodders.


 Our Fabulous Roving Reporters who have broken a record for 2009 with 1273 Show Coverage articles! This is in addition to Several Thousand Press Release and News articles , hundreds of New Products showcased and hundreds of other articles from our visitors and our contributing writers. Thanks to you ALL.... we’re looking forward to yet another fantastic year in 2010 ...... 

Thanks from the Lawfords and all of the Staff at Hotrodhotline.com


A Couple of Hotrodhotlines’ Finest... Jack & Minnie Roberts From Manchester, Kentucky

Jack Roberts Z28

Jack Roberts Z28


Big Al with his ‘36 Dodge Coupe. Al submitted over 20,000 pics in 2009 ! ...See Al’s Recap at the top of our 2009 Show Coverage


Adam Caldwell is a member of the Ventura Highwaymen from California.

Andrew Edler Plymouth

Andrew Edler in his Plymouth is from California and is the NSRA Official Pirate


Art Hall is our World Traveler from California. Art also take pictures for BikerHotline.com

Audrey Fitting and 35 Ford

Audrey Fitting and her ‘35 Ford. Audrey is from Connecticut


Cubby Caldwell and his ‘38 Chevy built by his son Adam . Cubby is from Idaho and covers shows in that area


Ben Deutschman’s ‘60 Plymouth. Ben comes from New Jersey and covers Slant Six club shows for us.


Bill & Cathy Barrand cover the Ohio Area for us. They are members of the Placers Car Club

Bob Trinkle1

Bob Trinkle’s ‘48. Bob is from Ohio and another of our roving reporter that took show Pics for us this year.


Bing Gatewood from Smithfield, VA. He covers a lot of shows for us in Virginia. We love you Bing and Susan !

Bernie Perreault (2)

Bernie Perreault covers the Michigan area. Bernie has been sending us pictures for many years.

Bart Mitchell

Roving Reporter Bart Mitchell goes all over the place and takes pictures for BikerHotLine.com as well as Hotrodhotline Bart is from California.

Bob Warenda 34 Ford

Bob Warenda’s 34 Ford. Bob is from Connecticut

Bob Kennedy Ford

Bob Kennedy’s Ford. Bob has covered shows in Colorado


Bob Steinhaus’s Roadster. Bob is from Michigan and covers a lot of shows and cruises in that area.  Bob covered 41 events, submitting 7,226 pics presented on 91 pages on Hotrodhotline.! His total submissions since June 27, 2005 is an amazing 19,223!

Bob Choisserand Nova

Bob Choisser and his “Bad Vega” Bob does a lot of racing in California and has won Awards. Needless to say he likes to cover Drag Races. Bob sends in a lot of very cool videos too.

Bobby Rogers

Bobby Rogers here with Jack. Bobby sends us pictures from Kentucky Area

Bobby Roya and Car

Bobby Royal is one of our Arizona Photographers


Brian Curtis is one of our Washington State Reporters. He is a member of the Studebaker Club. Brian sends lots of pictures from the Northwest.


Bill Junge’s Studebaker. Bill is from Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Bill Carroll

Bill Carroll has covered shows in Florida for us

Bonnie Corson

Bill and Bonnie Corson are from Idaho and have covered a lot of local shows for us

Brian Basquez

Brian Basquez and Blackie. Brian is from Sacramento, CA .


Brian Basquez Roadster

Brent Stackhouse

Brent Stackhouse is from California and is a member of The National Woodie Club and has covered those meets.


Bruce & Janelle Morris are from “Downunder” and cover shows in Australia for us ( Also has done a lot of shows in the US)


Art “Cat” Meredith covers the Ohio Area. He is a great Cook and sends us pictures of the food he makes. Cat was our very first Roving Reporter back in 1999

Charles Shotwell

Charles Shotwell “Chuck the Slacker” sends us stories and pictures from shows in Virginia. His stories are very amusing. They are a “must read”.

Chris & Pinky Watkins

Chris & Pinky Watkins cover shows in the New York Area

Chris Pantuosco 51 Chevy

Chris Pantuosco’s ‘51 Chevy. Chris is from New York


Duncan Craig is one of our Canadian Reporters

Dale & paulette Satterlee

Dale & Paulette Satterlee Western Kentucky Roving Reporters, send us pics of their monthly cruises

Dale Davidhizar1939chevy

Dale Davidhizar’s 1939 chevy. Dale is from Texas


Dale Peucker is also from “Downunder” and sends us shows from Australia. He is pictured here with Jack and Maryann Lawford this year in Louisville


Guy Weintraub’s 32 Ford. Guy comes from Texas


Audi Reinthaler is another one of our Washington State Photographers. She is pictured with state Senator Linda Evans and Audi’s Duesenberg. Audi is originally from Austria and we look forward to her pictures.


Dan Ballow’s ‘48 Ford. Dan is from Oklahoma.


Ben Notaro’s ‘69 Camaro


Dave Guttman’s Convertible. 


Dave Guttman covered GG in PA for us along with other shows in the area.


“Von Hot Rod”, Famous Pinstriper with Cindy Williams. Hot Rod sent us a lot of coverage on his trip to Sweden this year. HotRod puts on Pinstriping jams around the country.

James Mason

James Mason sends us pics from California.


Butch Pate is a Roving Reporter from Tennessee. He started a photography business after taking pictures for Hotrodhotline.


Dave Schaub...Drove through 49 states in 9 days. Took pictures of his journey for us


Greg Mortland covers the Illinois area for us


Mikael Breiding ( MB Motor) sent us coverage from Denmark


Matt Slater is from the Virginia Area. Matt’s 1947 Ford Coupe


Martin Twofeathers sent us some pics this year. He is pictured here with Arlen Ness, Famous Bike Builder. Martin comes from the Virginia area


Roland Feyma’s car is pictured here, he is from California


Richard (Too Low) Haas comes from Texas and sends us a lot of shows from that part of the country. What’s happening “Too Low”

Dick Deloach

Dick Deloach is one of our Guest Columnists. He is pictured here with George Barris

Fred Childers

Fred Childers sends us Photos from California


Oliver James from Empire State Chassis & Fabrication in New York has sent us pictures of shows that Empire were Vendors at.


Dustin Colaizzi is from Colorada .. this is his very cool 28 Ford Roadster PU

DEan Court New

Dean Court is a Roving Reporter from California and takes great pictures.

Debra Cheek

Debra Cheek sends us coverage from Virginia

Dennis Hemingway48plyCoupe

Dennis Hemingway and his 48 Plymouth Coupe. Dennis is from Barstow, Ca and sends us coverage from the Desert


Glenn and Joanne Dura are from New Jersey and send us pictures from The New York and New Jersey area


Fred Anderson is from New York Area


Dick “Fuzzy” Fuerholzer comes from Illinois and I am sure you recognize him by now since He sends so many shows and cruises from all over.

Fuzzy and George

Fuzzy and BFF George Barris

Greg Mortland

Greg Mortland and his Roadster. He is from the Illinois Area,.


Jay Bernard & his 69 El Camino. Jay is from Florida

Harold Thompson Ford

Harold Thompson’s Ford.
 Harold is from Taylors, SC

Harry Fitser

Harry Fitser is also from North carolina

Jeff Brinkley

Jeff Brinkley’s Roadster. He covered some shows in Oregon for us


Jerry Hatto’s ‘64 ford. Another California Reporter


Jerry Cook’s 29 Tudor. Jerry is from California

Jeff Barry - 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe

Jeff Barry - 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe. Jeff is from Virginia


Jerry Hammons covered shows in the Missouri area

Jim Hornbeck

Jim Hornbeck covered a show in New Hampshire. We hope Jeff will send us more in 2010.

Jim Staffordnew

Jim Stafford is from Pennsylvania and has covered shows on the East Coast for us


Jim Grobe is From Minnesota and Florida and sends us pictures from Both states

John Crain

John “T” Crain covers the Indiana area for us

kentadams&his 55Chevy

Kent Adams with his 55 Chevy


Judy & Wayne Newkirk’s Ford. They are from Florida and are members of the Jacksonville Rod Runners


Vince Caterina covers New York Area


John Stimac is from Wisconsin and Arizona, but covers shows all over.


Lance Lambert is one of our “Guest Columnists. He also hosts a TV show in Washington.


Judy & Wayne Newkirk with Jack and Mary Ann Lawford

Oak O'Connor

Oak O'Connor comes from California

Mike Smith 41 Olds

Mike Smith and his 41 Olds


Les Bateman ‘63 ford Galaxie. Les Covers California

Lindees Merc

Lindee and Bill Wood’s Merc. They are from Washington State Also

Matt Slater

Matt Slater


Mike Lynch covers Canada

Lee Hatfield Jr

Lee Hatfield Jr comes from New York. This is Lee and his 1964 Valiant

Mark Leonberger 1925 Chevy

Mark Leonberger 1925 Chevy


Mark Outwater took pictures for us in the PA and NY


Spencer and Betty McCarty are from Virgina

Spencer and Betty

Spencer and Betty...We sure love all our Virgina Reporters

Mike Bourg

Mike Bourg’s Bradley GT. He Is another one of our Colorado Photographers

Pat Czernicki

Pat Czernicki from the New york area. Pat & his Camaro


Rick Miller is from New York

Mike Levy & Jack

Mike Levy & Jack Lawford. Mike is a VW owner and loves those shows. Mike is from California


Matthias Vogel is from Germany and covers a lot of shows in Europe. He sends a lot of scenic pictures which we really enjoy looking at! Keep sending them Matthias.

Roger Brinkley

Roger Brinkley is from Oregon and covers many NW shows


Roger Rohrdanz is From California . Roger does the photography for Richard Parks’ stories and also covers a lot of shows for us.

Roland Feyma

Roland Feyma is from the California Area

Ron podsiadly 34plysedan

Ron Podsiadly’s 34 Plymouth sedan. Ron is from California

Roger Jeter

Roger Jetter...is one of our Guest Columnists and is the Author of “Bangin' Gears & Bustin' Heads” , “Fast Cars, 4-speeds Fist-fights” and “Recollections, Regrets & Random Acts” and "Accidents & Incidents"


Jetter’s 55 Caddy...Roger did a build article on his Caddy as well as some show coverage


Sam Flowers ‘41 Graham. Sam is also one of the Ventura Highwaymen and comes from California. We get lots of shows from Sam ! Sam has been with us for many years and is a great friend.


Michele Browning, Colorado

Sherm Porter with his '28 Roadster Pickup

Sherm Porter with his '28 Roadster Pickup


Bill and Pam Steiner’s Ride. they are from Texas and have covered shows there


Steve Jones covers shows from Australia. We get a lot from our photos from Australia during our Winter because it is Summer over there.


Thomas Jutkowski sends us coverage from Michigan

Todd Evans

Todd Evans sends in pictures from California shows.


Thadd McNamara’s 55Chevy


Tom Poremba is from New York. Love the hat Tom !


Ward Jones is a member of the Westchester Street Rod Car Club and comes from NY and has covered some shows involving his club.


Photographer “Zed Zedoman” is from New York and has been with us for several Years. We really appreciate Zed.


 Ron Main & George Poteet’s record setting Speed Demon streamliner. Speed Demon hit 401.285 mph at Bonneville Speedweek 2009. Ron Main has covered Bonneville for us as well as a few other shows


Ray Schuler....Ray is from Elkhart. Indiana, but goes all over the country taking pictures. Ray has taken pictures for us for many years. Ray has a great car collection.


Tony Tornabe is from Long Island, NY and Florida and he covers shows in both states.


 Rose Novosel with her roadster. Rose and Husband Steve are members of the MHRA (Michigan Hot Rod Assoc.) They have covered shows in the Michigan area for us


Darren Pate comes from Tennessee and is Butch pate’s Brother


Ralph and Alicia Vargas , Ca. Alicia’s 40 Buick

Bobby Rowes Fairlane

Bobby Rowes Fairlane


Dave Brackett is one of our “Guest Columnists” and has some great stories on both Hotrodhotline.com and Bikerhotline.com

Ty Perkins

Ty Perkins is from Arizona area


Guest Columnists Richard Parks has submitted more stories than anyone and is the Editor of our Landspeedracing.com site. Richard is a great friend.


Tim Kennedy is one of our “Guest Columists” and keeps us up to date on all things RACING. Tim does a fantastic job of writing about all of the racing news.


Ron Kregoski is one of our “Guest Columnists” and owner of a great looking “Kookie Kar” clone. 

Bobby Rowe

Bobby Rowe Covered The Sommernites Cruise for us the last two years....Unfortunately Bobby lost his battle with cancer this summer. RIP Bobby

We have many more “Roving Reporters” who we don’t have photos of, but who contributed so much to us last year.... to them we say....


Brett Harrell, CA
Terry Stutes, Illinois
Jeff Hill and Carl Didio, VA
Bob Kennedy, Co and Utah
Brad Boland, AZ
Mike Albert, KY
Charles Arford, Ca
Jen Beamish, MI
David Graves, Texas
Walt Moore, Colorado
Carrie Rahm, Kansas
Bob Smith, Ca
David Albain, Ohio
Carl Jaegel , Wa
Walt Smolenski , MA
Tim & Carrie Strange, owners of Strange Motion Rod & Custom Inc.
Leigh Roak, Maine
Andy Lindsay, WA
Richard Rush , Ohio
Gary Dougherty , MI
Terry Fitzpatrick , Ohio
Bob Blumenberg , Wi
Nick Paglia, NJ
Randy Cheney , Colorado
Katie Lawford , Idaho
Alan Culver, CO

Pete Zopel , Illinois
Roger Dudek., CT
George Reed, Ky
Paul Hughes, NY
Dustin Colaizzi, CO
Jack Sutton, NJ
Leal Bros. Texas
Thadd McNamara , Ca
Bob Molinaro , Ca
Jon Vogt, Va
Jeff Morris , Tx
Jim Sobel , Florida
Ed Krebs, Ca
Rob Bunting, Oregon
Dawson Morrison, AZ
Rogue Valley Street Rod Club, Oregon
Rick & Debbie Housholder., Ca
Adam McLean, Alabama
Rudy Alba, Ca
Dan Triandafilou , MA
Mike & Connie O’Brien
Andrea Kruckenberg , Co
Damon Lee, Nebraska
RJ Wilson, Ca
Travis Scanlan, Kansas (Royboyproductions.com)
Bill Wonder, Iowa
James Drew, Ca

We want to wish all of our Roving Reporters a very Happy and Prosperous New Year .... and we want to THANK YOU Again all for another wonderful record setting year at Hotrodhotline.com.

Note: If you want to see your picture here, just send us some show coverage (make sure you send us the name of the show, When, where and a pic of yourself or your ride.) To those who sent us coverage this last year please send us a pic that we can use at the top of your coverage. You can email to [email protected] 

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